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Clint Eastwood made his son Scott work hard to become an actor by refusing to give him a career boost. As a result, the younger Eastwood had to take a series of odd jobs to pay the rent while he was struggling to land roles. He tells Nylon magazine, “I parked cars, did construction, anything on the side to make extra money. And as soon as he started making waves as a model and actor, he followed his father’s lead and got away from Hollywood, but while Clint headed north to Carmel, Scott went south to San Diego, Calif. Jared Leto wanted Suicide Squad to be Rated R About Write for Flickering Myth Advertise Contact Flickering MythMovies, TV, Comic Books and Video GamesHome Movies Television Comic Books Video Games News Reviews Features Articles and Opinions Interviews The Week in Spandex The Week in Star Wars The Week in Movies Flickering Myth Podcast Network Flickering Myth TV Giveaways Jared Leto wanted Suicide Squad to be Rated RAugust 7, 2016 by Oli Davis 2 Comments When Suicide Squad went into production, the superhero genre was in a pre-Deadpool age.
A rated R movie (the equivalent of a 15 certificate in the UK) hadn’t been part of the successful box office equation for over a decade.

The last rated R tentpole blockbuster to make a tonne of money was The Matrix Reloaded back in 2003.
I think there’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie if I were to die tomorrow.
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