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The fans of the game are already thrilled when Bungie revealed that "Destiny: Rise Of Iron" will bring in the favorite exotic rocket launcher Gjallarhorn. It was revealed that the new artifacts that are being added in "Destiny: Rise Of Iron" will offer Guardians new abilities.
Quite similar to Gjallarhorn, Thorn is the best choice and perhaps the only one while playing PvE. It is reported that in addition to Thorn, "Destiny: Rise Of Iron" will also reintroduce another exotic weapon. Bungie revealed the new Light level cap for "Destiny: Rise Of Iron" and the Sparrow Racing League. Man Is Washing His Hands In A Cluba€™s Restroom, Now Keep Your Eyes On The Mirror, Youa€™ll Be Speechless. Artificial Intelligence Latest News & Updates: How Can Machine Learning Play A Significant Role In Autism Diagnosis And Intervention? It is reported that the weapon in mention looks very similar to the first gun Guardians pick up in the game, the Khovostov auto rifle.
But, to add to the excitement, Bungie is now set to bring back another one of the exotic weapons, the infamous hand cannon Thorn, reported Euro Gamer. This will be very useful as Thorn will be returning in the new update of the game, reported Game Rant.
By using this exotic weapon, it was possible to kill an opposing Guardian in just two headshots.
The players of the game will be able to select whether they want the auto rifle to fire in full auto, burst, or semi-auto modes.

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