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All trademarks and registered trademarks on this website are the property of their respective owners.We claim no ownership of any content that we do not explicitly denote as ours. This site is in no way affiliated with youtube although it depends heavily on youtube's api. One final note, I feel the reason why selling bronze contracts is difficult this year is because EA messed up on the games awarded for bronze players on gold regular contracts. After Day 1: I was able to sell my rare Bronze player for 855 coins after EA tax (a Bronze squad fitness would have similar effect when sold), as well as 3 contracts (454 coins after tax) and the 5 fitness cards (for 950 coins total after tax).
If you look at a gold regular contract, it awards 15 games to a bronze player, as oppose to 8 games in a regular bronze contract. Remember, most folks that buy bronze contracts are not going to go deep into the market to buy these items.

Depending on the market value, it could be cheaper to buy a gold contract and apply it to a bronze player. And considering the difficulty to sell the bronze contracts quickly, you are better off not stuffing your trade pile with items you can’t sell quick.
So even if you list your bronze items for 3+ hours during the delay, most FUT buyers will only see that item in the final minute of trading. Maybe in 5 pack openings you get 3 bronze squad fitness cards (1000 coin each BIN) 2 rare bronze players and an IF bronze player. Likes to push up a lot with his high workrate though which would be a problem if i didn't have the beast Alves there! After selling the remaining contracts, I made 1232 coins, bringing my overall profit to….

Also make sure you don’t buy Premium Bronze Packs as you won’t make coins from them! He is everywhere on the pitch, at times he sits back and plays the ball through midfield but will often sprint up the field and score some nice goals. Unlike Martins he doesn't often venture up the field but it doesn't matter much because he has such a rocket on him! There doesn't seem to be anything that he can't do, Strong, Quick, Amazing shooting and brilliant in the air which is shown in his goalscoring record.

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