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This easy paperclip angel ornament is so quick to make, you can make a dozen or two in an hour. It makes a perfect small gift for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, and others to whom you would like to give a little something. You may need a piece an inch or 2 longer when you are first starting out, to ease knot tying. Pull both ends of the ribbon through a loop and pull this knot up snuggly against the top of the bead.
I saw this over at Miss Information and it reminded me that we are going to make these in girl scouts.

Well I think I must have missed something because as adorable as these little angels look, I for the life of me can not figure out how to bend the paper clip correctly! I suspect you are trying to bend a regular paperclip to make it look like the clips used for the angels.
I’m going to make these for the chemo patients at our local hospital and contribute them them at our charity luncheons as table favors…everyone can use these! Also, these clips are carried in office supply stores and in Target and Walmart in the office supply section.
Or pull the ends and bead through the loop and pull up snuggly against the top of the paperclip center.

Put the ends of the wire through the bead hole and pull the ribbon on through with the wire.

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