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By pressing "Proceed" you acknowledge that you will be transferred to Zurich International Life’s UAE website to continue to the saving for education calculator.
Zurich International Life Limited provides life assurance, investment and protection products and is authorised by the Isle of Man Government Insurance and Pensions Authority.
Any information you share on the following screens will be on the Zurich International Life UAE website and HSBC hereby disclaims any liability for the use of the Zurich International UAE website and its contents therein. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind when you use HSBC Money Transfers for international transactions.
Make your payment or transfer in the currency of the beneficiary account and benefit from our exchange rate. Whether you're sending money to HSBC India or HSBC Jersey, transfers are received the same day.

When you transfer money using online banking, Secure Key generates a unique security code for each transaction, giving you an extra level of protection. AED is the three-letter currency code representing the currency of the United Arab Emirates which is commonly known as the Dirham. Wanting to consolidate your debts is a popular move most people make at some point in their lives.
Most people overlook this part when they’re just struck by the urgency for a loan, but this is quite an important part of your loan decision. If, for example, you know that you can only afford to pay your loan back at a low amount each month, then you can choose to spread your payments over a longer period. Inputting these into the loan calculator, it will automatically update the repayment amounts depending on the time period entered. Find the best places to stay in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any of the Emirates with hundreds of UAE Hotels to choose from, either on the white sandy beaches, city centre or in a desert retreat. Hotels in Umm Al Quwain UAEThis small northern Emirate has just a few city hotels and beach resorts to choose from if you plan to stay here. The flydubai Affiliate Program provides you the opportunity to earn commission when you refer potential customers to the flydubai consumer website and they purchase a flight. 63) under UAE Federal Law Number 6 of 2007, and its activities in the UAE are governed by such law. Our latest feature on online banking gives you up-to-the-minute exchange rates online, so you'll know your rate before you transfer without having to visit the branch. To help ensure that only you can access your account and payments, simply switch on your Secure Key and follow the easy instructions1.
As long as you are sensible and evaluate your finances first of all to make sure you can comfortably make the repayments, then consolidation can be a smart move and a lot less hassle than having separate loans. If you haven’t, then make a list of all the things you would want the loan amount to cover. Thinking about a sensible amount of time you would like the loan amount spread out over allows you to prevent overstretching yourself, and only commit to paying your loan back across a length of time that accommodates your financial needs. But you will have to accept that there is likely to be a higher interest rate doing it this way.

You can simply then change to another time period to see how much you would need to pay back by altering this.
Going on a shopping trip, travelling with kids, luxury resort or budget apartment - Read guest reviews to find your perfect place to stay in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Choose from some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, hunt for a bargain budget accommodation or go for an apartment hotel, ideal for the whole family. You will find some amazing beach resorts, ultra modern city centre accommodation or desert retreats. Whether it’s for just one thing in particular, such as a repair; or for a list of different bills you need to cover (and say, which you can’t borrow from a friend or family member in time) then you should write them all down, research the costs for each and then add them up. However, if you wish to pay off your loan quickly – and can afford to do so – you can choose to have a shorter repayment period with higher instalments.
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If you earn a comfortable salary, banks will be ready to offer you Personal loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards, Home Loans (Mortgages),  Overdrafts, Business loans and many other products.But keep in mind all the banks are not created equal! Different banks and finance companies in UAE have different products with different features. Some have good features and are good for you while others have no so good features and other hidden charges.
There are more than 75 Banks and Finance companies in UAE.Most of us who work long hours may not have time to compare various banking products such as Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Mortgages and so on. But most of us do not understand the hidden features, the advantages and disadvantages of these products.
I was a banker myself; even I could not understand various clauses and features of the loans or credit cards myself. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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