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While in this view, players will also have the chance to break out a camera and run around snapping pictures of the park. The sequel updates the graphics, but keeps much of the original gameplay the same.You start with an open field and must build it up into a zoo. I've had a much easier time placing the fences around animal enclosures, especially now that fences can be created with slight curves. You don't even need fences; a moat or ditch will suffice, as this technique is popular at real high profile zoos. They give a much more organic feel and, once again, allow for even more creative park designs. Selecting the biome brush (this allows you to paint the proper environment down on the ground), players will be able to easily create a suitable enclosure. Depending on the grade of the biome selected, water can be added as well as ground cover and trees automatically.

While this quick option certainly helps with quick creation of environments, players will still have the option to lay down a base of terrain and add plants, rocks, and trees individually for that perfectly crafted enclosure.
Selecting an animal will give the option to select the zookeeper suggestions for the enclosure, just as in the first game.
This should Part of the reason you want a nice enclosure is to keep your animals happy and healthy. Park guests really like to see happy tail wagging animals frolicking about their enclosures.
As much as I'm a meat-eater, I have to agree that seeing sickly and depressed animals in a zoo just takes the sport out of it. As with the original, zookeepers will have to be hired in order to take care of the animals living in the park.
Visitors have a certain range of sight, so creating a good viewing environment for them is key.

If enclosures have to be bigger than normal, adding some stationary binoculars for attendees will help them enjoy their time even more. Adding refreshment stands, restaurants, gift shops, and other entertainment not only keeps your guests happy and statisfied, but also provide a consistent influx of cash assuming you can place them in areas of heavy foot traffic. Placing donation boxes next to exhibits will allow guests to part from their money just a little bit easier. With a bit of time, player parks could end up looking just as professional as the real things. There aren't any huge advancements in gameplay here, but fans of the first will find most likely find plenty to enjoy come this fall.

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