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This site was created to help encourage musicians, singers, and songwriters & people involved in all aspect of the music biz,  from all walks of life, think of ideas to come up with part time jobs in music.
As you can see, neither of these methods are particularly effective for the average musician. While music is one of the big loves of my life, I also enjoy working on websites, and have a number of them which I’m always looking to monetize in new ways.
Always ready to help the independent musician, I quickly went to work on putting together a guide on how to use this method to make more money from your music career. Not only did I include the method in this guide, I also included advanced ways to maximise your profits using this method, and a list of all the resources you’ll need to make this method work. Ok, so I’m sure you want to know what’s included in “How To Make Money From Free Music” and how it will benefit you? A proven money making method not yet utilised by the music industry (Which is a real shame as it seems perfect for making money for musicians). A strategy that uses existing (Free) technology to make money from people downloading your music for free.
Ways to gain a whole load more fans, and how to keep them interested in you for a long time to come. Methods to getting a whole load more people hearing your music and in turn making you more money. A full list of resources which you need to make this strategy work (All the essential ones are free). Extra benefits such as showing you how to set up your own professional website with minimum ease.
When you buy this book, you will gain knowledge that will allow you to make money from your music in a new way.
I’m so confident that this book has the knowledge you need to better monetize your music career, I’m offering you a 7 DAY money back guarantee! Join thousands of musicians who receive exclusive career changing advice direct to their inbox! Use these five tips to help you make money from YouTube – the most popular music search engine in the world. Because it’s such a haven for music discovery and promotion, every independent musician should consider having his or her music available on YouTube. Many musicians will write dozens of lines about the song – who wrote it, the lyrics, the back story – and bury the “buy the song” link deep inside the description. If the audio for your YouTube video is exactly the same as your song, people can rip the video to an MP3 file and add it to their collection without buying it.
One easy way to do this is to add a voice over within the video to encourage them to buy the track.
YouTube allows you, as a content creator, to make advertising revenue when other people use your copyrighted video or audio material in their videos.
But don’t limit yourself to video – add your audio content as well – even for your songs that don’t have videos.
Because YouTube is global, you never know when a video that you upload could go viral and reach the entire world. Soundcloud will hopefully soon take over Youtube which is a quagmire for musicians wanting exposure. Weekly NewsletterSign up for Disc Makers emails to get tips and special offers delivered to your inbox.
Our Music In 2014 training course, the latest edition of which kicked off recently, looks at the various different ways that artists can make money in 2014, how a fanbase must be built and understood to maximise the potential, and at the kinds of business deals and partners that are needed for that potential to be unlocked. Once artists start writing songs, performing live and building a fanbase there are an assortment of ways that they can start to generate revenue, though all of those routes to income fall into one of three areas.
Firstly, artists create intellectual property, whether that be the separate copyrights that exist in the songs they write and the recordings they make, or the trademarks that can be developed out of an act’s name, or other IP that is created along the way. The core ‘music rights’, the copyrights that exist in an artist’s lyrics, musical compositions and sound recordings, can be monetised in various ways. Only the copyright owner has the automatic right to copy, adapt or perform in public any one musical work or recording. Sometimes copyright owners directly exploit their automatic rights – eg making copies of a sound recording onto a CD or printing album artwork onto a t-shirt and selling them.
The latter approach is called ‘licensing’, and once music rights owners get into that game they can choose to licence their content directly or through the collective licensing system.
With the former a rights owner does a direct deal with the company wanting to use a song or recording (eg with a sync deal with a brand and its advertising agency). Though it’s worth remembering that the live industry makes as much money by selling beer and food to gig goers as they do from selling tickets (especially at the grass roots end of the market, where the profit margins on gigs are very tight indeed).
And finally, once artists have a sizeable fanbase, the ‘fan relationship’ can be montesied in a number of ways.
Other companies will pay to create products around the band’s name and identity, knowing that fans will buy them.
Achieving that takes time, money and know-how, which is where the music business comes in, companies who will provide expertise and, sometimes, cash, to enable this potential to be me maximised and unlocked.
In the aforementioned Music In 2013 course we go into all this in much more detail, before outlining how fanbases can be built, and discussing the kinds of deals that can be done with music firms, from the classic record deal to something rather different. Any successful business person or entrepreneur doesn’t depend on one source for all their income, but multiple sources. If you’ve been making music for a while, you may have put together your own custom drum samples.
Just like custom drum samples, plenty of people out there will pay for quality sample packs like horns, synths, piano loops, and more.
If you make beats for music artists, you can make background music for online videos, events, bars, etc. If you have experience in making music, you can create a helpful eBook for other music-makers like yourself. People don’t always like reading, so putting together a video course may be a more helpful option for knowledge sharing and it may be more profitable as well.

If you aren’t a musical artist but have a talent for writing, you can make money from writing songs.
Similar to background music, audio intros can be used for intros for online videos, movies, video games, and more. If you have a music studio, you can rent the space during your downtime to make extra money.
Rather than just selling individual beats, some music producers put together beat CDs of their unused beats. Sound effects are needed for movies, videos, and video games – you can make money with them, if you have a talent for creating or recording them. If you’re a music artist you, can make money from ticket sales and sell merchandise at your shows. If you have experience with the music industry, you can manage musical artists and help guide their careers. The International Songwriting Competition holds an annual songwriting contest that awards cash prizes and can help you to get your foot in the door for more work. If you have a fan base, you can pitch a project idea to them and try to get funding through Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Example: Because Hip Hop Makers gets a good amount of traffic, businesses occasionally message me asking to promote their stuff on my site.
If you have design skills, there are many music artist and bands that are in need of creative designers to help with their branding. If you know how to play a musical instrument, you can make money by teaching others how to play and read music. Create a Website Today – If you sell music, products, or offer a service, having a website is a must. I have been either making a full time (modest – but paid my mortgage and all bills) living, or part time living in music related activities since 2005. The opportunities are out there, but I am not going to write about what I don’t know about it.
Due to downloading, making money from your songs is becoming a harder and harder task by the day. In fact, you probably end up in a loss after you take in to account studio costs and travel to and from your recording location. When it comes to giving out your music for free, even if people end up liking your music, most of them will be too used to getting the free download.
But what if there was an in-between method where you could give out your music with no cost to the fans, but still get compensated for every time someone downloads your music?
A good few years ago I saw the music industry take a huge turn for the worse, the downloading era had begun. While I was working on one of my websites, I came across a monetization strategy that would be perfect for the music industry.
Once you have this book, you don’t need to spend another penny to implement this method and make it work for you. With downloading being such a big issue in the music community this is a very real solution to profiting from your songs. The information in this book really has the power to change the way the music industry makes money from downloads.
I’ve just made my first few dollars using your method and am looking forward to making a lot more.
I honestly believe this could be the most important thing you’ve ever done for your music career!
Now also includes insider information, competition announcements, and music marketing discounts. Within the last ten years, it’s also grown to become one of the primary ways people share and discover music. But YouTube is more than simply a promotional platform, it’s also a sales and revenue generating opportunity. Adding extra audio and video footage at the beginning or end of the video can help discourage this. You can also use YouTube’s video annotation feature which allows you to make parts of your video linkable.
YouTube created this so the original owner can get compensated when his or her videos are mirrored on other channels, or if the copyrighted material is used in other people’s videos.
If you’re accepted, you’ll be eligible to personalize your channel pages, add links to music and merch stores on your channel page, post longer videos, and collect advertising revenue from your viewers. If you have a reasonably sized audience, product placements and co-branded ads are within your reach. And, don’t forget that with ContentID you can still collect revenue even if you’re not the one who made the video.
What can be done to prevent illicit uploading of music, including entire albums, to YouTube? If someone else wants to own or make a copy of a record, or to adapt a composition, or to perform a song or play a recording in public, they need the copyright owner’s permission. Other times copyright owners allow others to exploit the automatic rights for a fee – eg allowing iTunes to let consumers download copies of sound recordings to their PCs and smartphones or allowing a brand to use a song to soundtrack a TV advert. Other times a consortium of rights owners, or often all music rights owners, will choose to licence through one ‘blanket licence’, sharing the money that comes in based on what tracks are actually used when (eg when music is licensed for use on radio via collecting societies PRS and PPL).
If people will pay to be in the same room as a band while they play their songs live, then obviously there is money to be made there!
If you have a big fanbase, brands will pay money to be associated with you, simply so they can reach and impress the fans. And, on a more basic level, there is much mileage to me had in the internet age from the simple fan club, where fans will pay a sum of money each year just to officially be part of the artist’s gang. Though, before new acts give up the day job, these revenue streams are only valuable if you create content that other people want to copy and perform, and if you build the size of fanbase that will fill gig venues, buy lots of endorsed products, and pay a premium for fan services. Selling beats exclusively can lead to big bucks, but there’s also a business model in leasing beats that are sold to multiple artists.

If you check out Audio Jungle, you’ll see that some background-music tracks have been sold over 6,000 times for $17 a pop.
There are companies online that sell presets for NI Kontakt, NI Massive, Vanguard and other software programs. You can make money promoting music services, selling beats, and make money from banner ads. Ryan Leslie offers a Membership on his website to get access to new music that isn’t on streaming services.
Another example is celebrities who get paid to promote products on social sites like Twitter and Instagram. The majority of the income has come from playing live music (original and cover bands) & teaching music lessons. Some people have tried to give out a mass of music for free in the hope people will be kind enough to buy their paid items.
The before and after effects have been nothing less then devastating, with musicians all over the world losing control of the sharing rights of their music. This method is easy to implement, and all the instructions are given in order for you to start making money by giving out your music right away. If you want to make more money from your music, get How To Make Money From Free Music now!! YouTube’s reach and its simplicity has made it a critical channel to get your music introduced to new listeners. That way you capture that impulse to buy immediately after they’ve heard and enjoyed your music. Although some listeners are savvy enough to cut out the extra material, most people will just buy it if you provide the link and a reason why – such as supporting you, the artist. The advertising is very flexible, allowing you to add pop-up ads or video commercials that roll before your video. For example, once one of his videos went viral, the dancer Marquese Scott started to make ads with Pepsi, Peugeot, and other companies.
One of the biggest YouTube hits, Nyan Cat, had video from one source and audio from another.
It’s in grocery stores, TV Commercials, video games, movies, churches, elevators, and almost everywhere else. Others have refused to give out freebies and instead continued to try and sell music without giving out any type of free sample. While the music industry has changed however, the way many musicians approach the industry hasn’t. This is a proven method that makes people in other industries thousands a month, but the music crowd simply hasn’t caught on.
Be smart about which of these options you choose, no one wants to watch a fifteen-second ad for a one-minute video. Your subscriber count is a compelling reason for a sponsor to partner with you to get exposure for its products or services.
And even if they have heard your music, music sales are ever decreasing, so trying to make a sale is a uphill struggle.
And what’s more, I’m going to tell you what this middle ground is and how it can change the way you present your music to fans forever!
A lack of business knowledge has meant that a lot of people just give out music by the bucket load without any real way of getting paid. My goal is to open your eyes in gaining confidence to try new things in music, in your community, and maybe one day beyond your immediate area.
Wouldn’t you rather make some extra part time income for you and your family doing something love, than a boring job you can’t stand? More platforms along with new and easier technology spawns new game developers which in turn = lots of new games. Truth is they do exactly what they state in their terms and conditions, people just don’t bother reading.
I’ve had no issues using libraries and I strongly recommend them, but you have to be patient. I got a better ideal… Bring those bad boys out, salvage them, pack them up, smack a price on em and sell em.Easier said than done?
Sure we (I’m a Reason head) can do our own conversions, but convenience is what sells. It shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes (depending on wpm) even faster if you’re using a video camera. I still have posts floating around places like Squidoo that generate a few hundred dollars a month and I haven’t updated the content in years.Now The Bad It takes work!
You have to provide the reader with something that solves their problem, you have to know what people want. But please if you plan on making this a part of your business plan then consider hosting your reviews on your own domain. Always willing to learn and listen and get a few gigs in collabs.Here is some of my work on youtubeReply Greg July 1, 2013 Hi Anson,thanks for stopping by.
I find that a lot of people know about this stuff, yet they aren’t doing it, know what I mean? The last thing you want to do is get into a legal issue with someone else over rights and uses.Reply Latif Gardez July 1, 2013 Hi Greg It sound very interesting but I have been through a lot of the business one way or another and publicity seem the only way to get anywhere these days. The band is called MYSTERY SLANG maybe you could have a listen and let me know what you think. All the best LGReply Greg July 1, 2013 Latif,publicity works, but that isn’t the only way to get placements.
Sound comapnies, there are tons of them out there, I would pay attention to any that have been in business for 3 years or more.

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