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Michelle Phan.Stefanie Keenan PhotographyYouTube has exploded since it first launched in 2005, becoming the de facto launchpad for the next generation of internet celebrities. It's no secret that YouTube's biggest stars are using sponsored videos and advertising to make a living on the platform, in addition to just making a name for themselves.
Forbes says most of the YouTube millionaires on its list get paid through ads, previews, and sponsored videos. Rosanna Pansino has the nerdiest baking channel on YouTube a€” and also the most popular of any baking channel on the platform, period. Roman Atwood's prank-filled YouTube channel almost seems more in line with the humor you'd typically see from any number of massively popular Vine stars.

As a teenager, Olajide "KSI" Olatunji played EA Sports' line of FIFA video games for hours on end in his parents' home. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg is a foul-mouthed Swedish video-game commentator who has absolutely dominated YouTube over the past year. Atwood was recently dubbed YouTube's "most appalling prankster" a€” he's pretended to kill his own toddler twice, to film his girlfriend's reaction.A He's also filmed many less horrifying prank videos for his channel. Besides simply filming her own makeup and hair tutorial videos, Phan isA launchingA her own online lifestyle-video network. In React's various iterations (Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and YouTubers React), The Fine Brothers show viral videos to subjects and film their reactions.A The duo has been sponsored by both Ford and Comedy Central.

Smosh was one of the first YouTube sensations, becoming well known for the duo's slapstick comedy videos that parody video games and pop culture. She alsoA cofounded subscription-makeup-delivery startup Ipsy in 2011A with Marcelo Camberos, who was formerly an executive at Funny or Die, and Jennifer Goldfarb, a Goldman Sachs analyst turned executive at makeup company Bare Escentuals.
The duo has shown no signs of slowing down, opening up multiple channels and an app for their content.

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