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Over the years product testing had been one of the most genuine ways to make money from home. Generally, companies will send you sample products while others will send full sized ones, which you will test every month and then pay you for giving them your thoughts on the paid products.
National Consumer Panel ( NCP)– This market research company has been around for years, formerly known as Nielson Home Scan. MyView  – This company has both product testing and online surveys with the latter being more than the former.
How would you like to earn ?5-10 for just 10-20 minutes of your time, from the comfort of your own sofa? Once a website is up and running and has been tested by experts, they often need users like yourself to test them.
As a usability tester you are trying out the website or completing a specific task on the site given to you, typically for 10 -20 minutes, and giving your opinion on what works well and what you find confusing. Your clicks and keystrokes will be recorded so the site owners can see what you’re doing. Testing apps is much the same, you’ll be giving your opinion on what you think works well and what you struggle with. Being a usability tester is about being able to give a detailed and honest opinion about how you found your experience with the app or website. You won’t need to be a tech whiz, all the complex stuff is handled by professional testers, you just need to be able to articulate your experiences as a user. Most sites tend to pay in dollars as well, so you will need a PayPal account to receive the payment. The good thing about testing is, as long as your over 18, there’ll be an opportunity for you to be a tester somewhere on something! Websites that organise usability tests put potential testers into particular demographics and different sites, apps and tasks will require different ages, sexes and professions. How much you can get paid varies between companies but you should be able to earn $8-$15, which is about ?5-?10 per test session. To increase your chances of getting picked for an opportunity you should sign up to as many sites as possible and write a good, well-written review when you are given a chance.

For more easy ways to make money, take a look at our online surveys article with a whole load of survey sites where you can earn easy cash. Newest Make Money TipsMake money the easy way and beat the banks The quickest way I know to get rich… Got a money-making idea? March 23, 2015 By Leisa Good 4 Comments Do you want or need a non-phone, work-at-home (WAH) job? Then YouEye would like to hear from you.  Their online usability tester position just might be the right WAH gig for you!
While all of this sounds very well and good, how does this apply to you a work-at-homer (WAHer)?  Well, keep reading. The best part is the hours are flexible, and you can log in whenever you want.  That is if the work is available, but you can always log in and see if there is any work to do.
You are an independent contractor.   You will be responsible for your own taxes and should you make over $600 a year, YouEye will send you a 1099 Tax Form. Once you watch the two training videos and then sign up, you can just about begin right away!  Again, you will need to use a webcam to record your overall human reactions to a website, including facial expressions.
The great news is that you can use a PC, laptop, Mac or a mobile device.  The mobile device must have a front facing camera. FlexJobs is an innovative, professional job service to help you find the best legitimate telecommuting, part-time and freelance jobs available, safely and easily.
About Leisa GoodLeisa Good is the owner of GBS Virtual Office Solutions and a PFYP certified career coach at Powerfully Purposed For Success. Thanks Leisa , any idea how much long are studies, you have mentioned in your blog that ” Some studies will be longer than others.
Most people, particularly young adults react differently whenever I tell them how video game testing job has made me earn as much money as I enjoy playing video games.
As I have said earlier, testing games is very much like any other jobs, so the answer would not be as simple as ‘yes’ or ‘no’– It depends on you and your employer. This entry was posted in Computer Game Tester, How to Become a Video Game Tester, Linguistic Video Game Tester, Video Game Tester, Video Game Tester Jobs, Work At Home Job and tagged Can I make Money Out of Testing Video Games by admin. Please be aware that I only promote companies that I feel I can legitimately recommend to my readers.

It’s an easy way to make a bit of extra cash, you just need to know how to sign yourself up for it.
You may also be required to have a webcam and microphone so they can see your reactions and you can speak your thoughts out loud. When you bear in mind that, for websites at least, this is for around 10-20 minutes of work, it’s not a bad opportunity.
Her coaching specialties include entrepreneurs, small businesses, and work-at-homers who have become "stuck" and really need to find their true calling. Some react by raising both eyebrows, an expression of disbelief and enthusiasm; while others raise only one brow with an air of skepticism on their faces.
Your skills and dedication to your job as well as the company whom you are rendering your services will determine the answer. Its large database of job opportunities can surely provide you a job suitable to your skill level. Valued Opinions is also open to the following countries below: United States, Australia and United Kingdom. Perhaps some people simply never expected that there is such a job as video game testing where a person has to do is but play video games and check for bugs and errors! The type of products they send to you can include household items, foods and beauty products too. Once they have accepted you, products will be sent to you and with them several different offers that you can give to your friends and family. Aside from that, many people can’t believe that a game tester can earn as much as any other jobs can offer!

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