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Bati - Always liked the handling best on that bike, might try the other bikes in the future and replace if I find a better fit.
Stratum - Got this today after looking for a sedan and seeing a thread talking about some underrated cars.
Sanchez - Don't know how much longer I will be keeping this, don't really do many off-road races these days and if I did it wouldn't cost much to buy another. Not sure what I will do with the other slots as I tend to prefer less commonly seen cars, but still have decent enough performance for what I need. I wanted one of these in lime green trim, and getting that goal was something of an ordeal. 4) SandKing XL - I like big pickups, and it's bigger and badder than the bison, rebel and bodhi. The Nissan GTR is one of my favourite cars, and this is by far the fastest sports class car in the game, in terms of setting the fastest possible lap times in races.

It was previously thought that this was the fastest vehicle to use for setting PB's in races. This used to be my favourite sports classic car, due to the single player mission that features this car.
I replaced my comet with this car because after 15 days of playing time, I saw it for the first time and I just had to have it. I kept everything in point form to try and keep this as short as possible(probably won't be as long as I had originally thought).
I used have a Sabre, but I got rid of it because I never drove it and I wasn't able to drive it well. When my friends and I first played the game together, before multiplayer was released, we decided to have a yellow Buffalo with a truck horn as our "Group Car." I found a regular Buffalo first, so I was to keep the vehicle. Elegy, Entity, Exemplar, Bati, Schafter, Z-Type and Dominator because they are the fastest in each class.

Feltzer because second best sports and can be handy sometimes, don't like the looks or sound but I'm thinking of replacing it with a classy hard top Tornado.. Franklin's Buffalo - because she sounds sexy and the tail lights are a whole bunch of awesome.
Bodhi - because it's freakin' indestructible and is for when I want to go off roading (and on missions now and again, great to hide behind). I used to have a hard top as well, but I prefer the convertible so I sold the other to make room.

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