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The ex-wife of an oil tycoon rejected a check he wrote for $975 million to settle their divorce. Hamm and Arnall reportedly both appealed the November divorce judgment that awarded her $1 billion. NBA Star Kevin Durant told everyone just how much his mom means to him -- just days before Mother's Day -- by thanking her in a tear-jerking speech as he accepted the award for the NBA's Most Valuable Player. Pratt, who friends know as "Mama Durant," said she sacrificed her personal life to never miss a second of family time with her boys.
For that, shea€™s been called his secret weapon -- a good luck charm to boost her sona€™s spirits before the buzzer goes off. An even bigger opportunity and investment is global search, where Google is much less overpowering. Factor in Windows Phone’s partnership with Nokia, still the biggest phonemaker in the world, and you have a chance to make Bing the global mobile winner.
MG Siegler may not know anyone who uses Bing, but there are billions of people across the world that he’ll never know.

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His former wife of 25 years, Sue Ann Arnall, an attorney and former executive at the company, rejected a check that was delivered to her legal team, his attorneys told media outlets Tuesday. He said he already paid her $20 million during their divorce proceedings over two and a half years. Doc Searls argues that Bing could flank Google by charging subscription fees for personalized, ad-free services. Nevertheless, Bing has become fully integrated into every Microsoft platform, from Windows Phone 7 to streaming video and live TV on the Xbox, and likely even Windows 8 itself. The industry is still sorting out exactly how search should work in a small-screen form factor and on the move. Microsoft’s new partnership to provide English-language results for Chinese search giant Baidu is just one step towards a real strategy for China, where Google is on the outs with the local government. Nick Eaton argues that the short-term profit boost from selling Bing wouldn’t move the share price much anyway.

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