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In the first few years of starting out I had the 'Shiny Object Syndrome' where I would buy Internet Product after Internet Product from so-called Guru's, and let me tell you, only a few worked.
For the last 18 months I've been focusing on helping people start their own business online.
Just click HERE to jump over to my online calendar at and book a Skype chat at a mutually convenient time.
I look forward to chatting with you very soon and helping you take your online business to the next level. I was recently sent an email from a person who has made very little online in the past 4 years.
Well, it took me an awful lot of time and money to realize that and thankfully now unless I know a product can help increase my business or help my students then I will stay clear of it, period!
I've had the privilege of working alongside some of the World's top Online Marketers since 2006 and I want to share my experiences with you. NOTE: FOR PENCIL KINGS YOU NEED TO MAKE A FREE ACCOUNT SO THAT YOU CAN ACCESS THE FREE CARICATURE TUTORIALS! Long story short, the best thing to do is the buy Biddle’s guide as it will rapidly improve your rate of progress and actually teach you something instead of you having to do it on your own. The first step in learning how to draw a cartoon person is to understand what you are looking for. In reality if you physically measured the size of the forehead it would almost be the same but you perceive it to be very different because of the relationship of the forehead to the head. Now keeping it at the very basic level, for something to be called a caricature it just needs to mess with these proportions. Now that you’ve examined all the exaggerations it is up to you to decide which ones you feel like showing in your final copy. Remember, at this point you will have decided what proportions you want to exaggerate so keep that in mind! The chin is also going to be quite large in my caricature so I repeat the process above to ensure the caricature still looks the person I am trying to create.
The ears, however, are going to be dumbo ears so I bring my ruler out again and go back to the drawing board.

The hairline and hairstyle depend on the individual, but make sure you account for how large the hair actually is. Share this page to get a FREE 300 PAGE BOOK ON CARICATURE DRAWING as well as 2 MORE STEP BY STEP METHODS TO DRAWING CARICATURES! If you want to learn more advanced ways and more advanced techniques on on drawing caricatures without having to read the entire book check out Pencil Kings! They will provide you with step by step over the shoulder guidance! If caricature drawing is just a part of your “art portfolio” and you actually want to learn about drawing all different kinds of art you can still check out pencil kings! It may be about the design of your website, what to promote, how to get targeted web traffic to name a few. A lot of new artists use free online lessons to try and help them but this just leads to slow and inefficient progress. A teacher is invaluable and his step by step caricature training is the fastest way to get better.
Below you’ll find a comprehensive step by step guide to making your own funny face drawings!
If you draw Justin Bieber and everyone thinks it’s Michael Jackson then you have a problem. When drawing with pencil you may need a blending tool to create shadows, but as you see in the caricature I made, you can make do without it as well as create a caricature by using only markers. The best thing to do is to create a series of drawings getting you into the caricature mood. The hair doesn’t need all those individuals strands and you DO NOT need to focus on the eyes so much. Remember you are the artist and this is your interpretation so feel free to choose whatever you want as long as you ensure the face still looks like the individual at the end!
I’m keeping this relatively the same as for this person the forehead is not unusual and this is my personal choice.
He used a computer to help me measure out the proportions faster but this can all be done with a ruler too! They have advanced caricature drawing but also have advanced lessons for everything else as well!

Short-cutting the learning curve and teaching what works for me, so you don't waste valuable time and money on stuff that's crap.
I’ve been following him for a long time and I have to tell you, he’s brought my caricature skills to the next level!
When looking at someone’s facial structure and decide which aspects you want to exaggerate. Remember, this a proportions game so measure the actual proportions for now and then make your new ones (for example, if her eyes are 3 inches and her nose is 5 inches in real life, I might make the photo have her eyes at 2 inches but her nose at 6 inches so Im changing up the proportion). Get those in the right proportions and no matter how exaggerated the nose is, it will look similar! Theres no need to get fancy, just create the basic shape and fill in the eyes nose and mouth.
So far I’ve taught you multiple ways to approach caricature drawing, but now let’s get into drawing the caricature itself! I’m keeping the eye proportions the same so I will use a ruler and measure our the proportions to keep them normal.
I have to use my ruler though so I can keep the proportions of the lips and teeth accurate with the new mouth otherwise the caricature will be off.
For example, you can add wrinkles to the mouth if you want to draw someone who is old or you can add scars or puffy lips.
What you want to do is create THICK lines and separate everything to give your portrait a cartoonish feel. Hair is often an expression of the individual so exaggerating it is usually a good step to follow. Remember, if you draw a caricature of two people and one has larger ears than the other DO NOT exaggerate his ears because of that. Just remember to make it look like the person you’re trying to depict by following the rules of the human face.

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