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Under the Act of Parliament and the Department of Higher Education in the Union HRD Ministry Union Universities or Central Universities formed.
A University is a high level educational institution in which students study for degrees and educational research has done here. You can Block as well as report the profile if you are getting friend request again and again. In Kathmandu, rescue teams have been digging through rubble, looking for anyone who might still be alive. GlobalGiving said it is providing emergency supplies including food, water and shelter to victims through a network of local Nepalese nonprofits and international aid organizations. The World food Program said it is actively assessing the earthquake's damage and working to "help the millions affected by the worst earthquake to hit the country since the 1930s" by providing food. The Humanitarian Open Street Map team relies on volunteer contributors from around the world to help "rapidly digitize the data from satellite imagery to support the humanitarian organizations that deploy to the affected countries," it said.
This tutorial for this crowd-sourced relief effort map shows how to help add information that could help relief organizations accommodate helicopter landings and provide relief efforts throughout Kathmandu and other nearby regions. Mercy Corps said its team in Nepal was quickly preparing emergency supply kits, tarps and shelter kits for survivors on Sunday.
The charity said it "has begun the delivery of 136 tarpaulins in Kathmandu, while in the earthquake-affected Bhaktapur district, 180 baby packs a€“ which include childrena€™s clothes, blankets and soap a€“ are being distributed to those in need." The group added it would also soon begin distributing many more items to some of the hardest-hit regions outside Kathmandu Valley.

You can use Google's "Person Finder" tool if you're looking for someone or have information about someone in the area of the earthquake. CARE's said its humanitarian workers on the ground in Nepal are currently assessing the situation and determining immediate needs. OXFAM said it is preparing to supply clean water and hygiene equipment to thousands of displaced survivors following the earthquake. The Jewish aid organization said it is partnering with the Israel Defense Forces field hospital in Nepal to provide medical equipment, including two neonatal incubators. The Christian aid organization said it has deployed a disaster relief team and initial supplies for 15,000 households to support partner hospitals. The Lutheran aid group said it is on the ground trying to meet basic needs such as the distribution of water filtration units and quilts. As per the UGC list there are 41 central universities in India and here we list down the Top Central Universities of India as per their overall ranking. The top central universities of India give immense opportunity to students from all background to get their degree. At the same time, aid groups have yet to reach many remote mountain villages, but reports suggest that some communities perched on mountainsides were devastated or struggling to cope.
Emergency supply kits will include items like clean water, clothing, cooking utensils, towels and hygiene supplies to meet their daily needs, the group added.

The group added its emergency response teams specialize in providing life-saving food, water, shelter and health care. The group added it will start building sanitation facilities in the temporary camps working in partnership with UNICEF. The JDC added it was working with UNICEF and other partners to help distribute emergency relief and meet children's shelter, nutrition, water and sanitation needs.
According to Deadline, the three entrepreneurs will offer guidance to app developers who appear on the show.
The urgent airlift will be sent to Kathmandu, where the supplies will provide relief for nearly 1 million children in Nepal in need of help, the group added.
It’s still unclear what the exact format will be, but it sounds like Planet of the Apps could be akin to a nerdier Shark Tank.

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