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I have been searching on the webz for a few hours now for the longest MC spaceship in the world. November 15, 2010 by joe 8 Comments Hulu is an online service that provides advertising-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from many different sources. Are you ready to cut the cable TV link and get your entertainment via the internet?  If so, which business model would you prefer?
I also use Hulu from time to time, but like the Netflix approach of commercial free streaming. This being said Netflix and Hulu plus cost a combined $20 for material that you want instead of the material that cable provides.
I will never give up my satellite TV watching for an on-line service to watch TV and movies. I am a very happy Hulu user and have actually experienced the company’s efforts at making the advertising experience more pleasing. I think that the internet is pretty much the future of everything, including television and movies. I am an occasional user of Hulu and the advertisement interruptions are not a big deal to me. I love catching up on my favorite shows online as much as anyone else but nothing can beat being able to sit on the couch and watch TV. I can definitely see where having the ability to pick advertisements that better suit your own interests might be a really great idea for Hulu. Personally, I pay only $9.99 a month for a Netflix subscription and I love everything that I get out of that $10.

For me, the problem with not having cable on top of Netflix is that there are live shows (like sports) that you won’t be able to watch without paying for cable.
If Hulu can truly provide me with both shows and movies and then somehow include sports in their mix all while showing me commercials that somehow fit my personal needs, I think I’d make the switch. Free Makeup FrenzyFree makeup & beauty samples, hair care samples, and the hottest online beauty deals! Sign your kids up for the Sonic birthday club and they will receive a coupon for a free Sonic Wacky Pack kids meal during the week of their birthday. I try to limit fast food as much possible but bdays are the exception if thats what they choose. I switched to Netflix when streaming became available and for only roughly $9 a month it is well worth my money. There is also a new service available from Hulu (Hulu Plus) that does not have an advertising and you can use it with blu ray players and other TV friendly devices. I think the only way cable can survive is to switch its business model to allow subscribers to pay for only the stations they wish to watch. As a young adult I don’t necessarily have excessive funds to go towards paying a monthly cable bill.
In fact, last night I went to the website to watch one of my favorite tv shows, and before the show played I had the option to either watch a 1:30 commercial upfront and avoid other commercial interruptions, or to watch several shorter commercials that would interrupt the show.
I believe that the advertising experience can be customized and can reach a level where consumers aren’t as annoyed by it. I prefer to watch Netflix which offers the same service, but with more selections and no commercials.

However, commercials while watching TV online is five times as annoying as on cable TV because you can’t get away from it. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Paying $9 a month to watch unlimited movies and tv is a small price to pay compared to cable.
I believe that netflix also wins over hulu, only because of the commercial free feature- in this day in age we are becoming so dependent on fast forwarding through the commercials, than even sitting through 2-3 mins of them is torture.
I still had to watch an ad, but at least my show wasn’t interrupted (my biggest problem with commercials!). However the future of television is already becoming more and more competitive with these two businesses.
Not only is it much simpler to record and find shows, you have the power to skip through the commercials if you want.
For example- xfinity (comcast) is starting to come out with the television streamed right to your computer for free, and coming out with a remote and ordering your pay-per-view movies right on your i-pad….

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