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Think for istance about the discovery of the radio, more than one hundred years ago and with very old tools for us, but back then the only available. Now, if you love music and if you love to talk, you can create your own online radio station, without big efforts.
Instead of spending a lot of money in machinery and equipment, now with a computer, an internet connection and few dollars for the monthly streaming cost, you can satisfy your passion of radio, broadcasting globally. Since the time when the pioneers of the radio were working to develop the system to broadcast, the technology itself has made great steps and right now you may find for free the sophisticated software that will let you start your online radio in very few steps. 5 – purchase a good microphone and with it, you will need a good soundcard in your computer to connect your microphone. See below some useful links about online radio networks, that provide the infrastructure necessary to create a web radio and broadcast your content, even covering the cost of licensing music to reproduce copyrighted material.
One of the main advantages of creating your own radio station online through these networks is the ability to use their streaming technologies.
If you want to skip the music and just start your talking radio, Talkshoe is a great online platform. Talkshoe allows you to create your own talk show, using a telephone or a VoIP client, and invite listeners to join the broadcast. With the ability to control and moderate your listeners, and with an accompanying text chat threads, Talkshoe has everything you need to send in the comfort of your living room.

Pandora and other webcasters who fought for lower royalty rates a few years ago rejoiced when they achieved rates they thought would allow them to achieve profitability, back in 2009.
Yet questions still surround the ability of webcasters such as the now-public Pandora to turn a profit, given that their payments to copyright holders increase at the same rate at which they grow. Unlike just about any other type of digital business, internet radio cannot increase (or attain, as the case might be) profitability by merely growing to a larger scale. This is a tough row to hoe because it means increasing advertising prices as ad inventory increases. Earbits thinks it has the answer: charging bands for the honor of having their music played on its stations, or at the very least doing so for a lower royalty rate than what Pandora and the others pay.
Like any pay-to-play venture, Earbits faces a difficult balancing act between programming quality and revenue.
But if the only way webcasters can make money is by charging bands, rather than paying them, we suspect internet radio royalty rates have yet to achieve their optimal configuration. The most important feature is that your files will be uploaded to the Live365 server, so you do not have to set up a separate server for hosting your audio files. As user, you need to pay a fixed amount per month for hosting your mp3 files and use the infrastructure of Live365.

Google adsense whereby you can place ads on the radio station website and earn money from each click when the station becomes popular.
That runs counter to the usual rule of scarcity, where stuff gets cheaper when there’s more supply. To deal with that, it employs an editorial team with experts in a variety of genres (recently adding country music), like Pandora does, to decide what music to include.
It you notice, if you listen to two different stations, hear the same commercial only difference would be the number or site. On top of that, internet radio services are competing with every other ad-supported thing on the internet — in other words, practically every commercial service you encounter on the web or the app stores.
Only bands that are on the platform anyway have the opportunity to pay for airtime and other forms of promotion.

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