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This one is pretty cool as you have to steal a Post Op van that has a transponder that can bypass the dye packs that will be in the money bags at the bank. Navigators will need to bring up a mission-specific app on their phones called Trackify which will track Post Op trucks in the area. Now that you have the transponder, you need to have someone tune it to the right signal for you. Here your goal is to take the Jet Ski’s and go to the island where the signal expert, Avi Schwartzman is a fugitive in hiding. A timer starts on your way back and once you reach the marker you will be told to lose the wanted level. This mission will have the crew split into two teams, one team of three will be the Decoys the other player will be the Transporter. When you arrive you will be greeted by a lot of goons, so go to town on them using cover and being smart. Once you arrive you will need to setup an ambush for the convoy, so just set up some cars in the road on the bridge. As you get closer to the destination you will get a notification to escape the remaining Merryweather goons.
When you arrive at The Lost compound, you will want to shoot your way through the enemies being careful not to shoot explosives or use any explosive weapons to not accidentally destroy the bikes you are looking for.
After a short cutscene the two crowd control members will have to do just that, control the crowd by intimidation while watching the bar at the bottom right. While they control the crowd the hacker and demoltions will go down into the vault by blowing up two doors leading to the vault. As you prepare to leave and a short scene plays, you will get a message from Lester telling you to get to the bikes. You will reach the top of a cliff and be told to parachute off to a boat (dinghy) waiting for your crew. Another classic PS2 game has made the leap to PS4, as Rockstar has added the brawler to the console’s library of games.
As far as the general public is concerned, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has long been the poster child for video game violence. The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always had its fair share of ways to circumvent the natural progression in the single player experience, by cheating your way to invincibility. Fans are taking to NeoGaf to discuss what appears to be common practice in recent Rockstar titles, the inability to allow Steam integration with retail copies of their games. The Fleeca Job is the first online heist that you can take part in as apart of the whole GTA Online Heists. Rockstar has put together some of the most impressive game worlds we’ve ever romped through in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Colin Sebastian of Baird Equity recently issued is latest predictions and preview of the games industry in 2014, which included some interesting predictions for Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games.

Launching the next Grand Theft Auto too close to a next gen console announcement is a big risk for Rockstar.
Fans of the Grand Theft Auto Online franchise are eagerly awaiting the heist feature, which was promised by Rockstar Games back in spring 2014.
GTA Online enthusiast and veteran YouTube blogger, DomisLive, said that the next update patch in GTA V is likely to include a zombie mode. Another source revealed that Rockstar Games could be introducing a VIP mission soon, and we have no idea what that is too! GTA V launched on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in October 2013 and were the intellectual property of Rockstar North and Rockstar Games. As far as overall gameplay and graphics are concerned, major upgrades have been made to the game since inception, although, a major change was implemented back in 2008, with the introduction of GTA IV. The latest GTA V Online Update brings forth numerous additions, along with certain glitches that are being fully utilized by gamers to their advantage. Doom 4 Teaser Trailer Revealed, Leaked Cancelled Doom 4 Trailer Shows a Very Different Game!
Clash of Clans Makes Supercell Around $5 Million a Day, Supercell’s Frequent Updates Keep the Game on Top! It is highly recommended to have everyone in the crew have a mic, otherwise they will need to relay the information via button-presses on the d-pad to the driver. Once you clear out the area, you are looking for bikes called Lectros not the regular motorcycles The Lost usually drive.
However, your super speedy bikes should be no match, just be careful not to run head-on into the roadblocks as that might hurt. According to the report from Grand Theft Auto fan site GTA-Five, the release date is slated for Spring 2013.
However, it is well into summer now, although we are waiting for the official news on the present status of the addition. Even though we are unsure of what it incorporates, it sounds like a whole lot of fun already!
The future surely looks interesting for the GTA V Online gamers as constant updates seem to be in vogue. GTA V was the fifteenth installment to the series, which started off with 2D games, almost two ago decades ago. Even though we will not head into the details of these glitches, the protagonist can turn invisible to the Law, while sporting infinite health, also referred to as God Mode, in-game. The best bet here is to pair one navigator with one driver and drive around doing the mission objectives to find the right van. Once you find a Post Op vehicle, the navigator will take a picture of the license plate to verify the correct truck. So it is your crew’s job to assault the island killing all the police, and any choppers in the area to save Avi.

After the shooting, park the van you came in next to the black van and watch the short scene. Once you grab them, you simply have to head to the drop off which is located near the bank itself.
Meanwhile the crowd control team can either go inside the first set of doors to watch the tellers or watch them from outside the cage, their choice. After the hacker finishes and you blow the final giant vault door it is time to grab everything. You have the option to either take the bikes, which can be more dangerous or find a car keeping the team together and advantageous if the driver is good. After you have taken photos of every van in the area, Lester will call you and tell you which vans will be the target. After picking him up and heading back to shore you will have at least a 3-star wanted level.
Now have your teammates drive the black van out of the area while other team members take the white van to the drop.
Spam your pickup button and get as much as you can, you want to walk out with $1.25 Million. Blow up police cars if you have to, and try not to stay inside the bank too long as you will fail if you stay too long.
You have used our GTA Online Heist Guide to complete the final and most lucrative heist in the game, The Pacific Standard Job. The setup cost for the heist leader will be a whopping $100,000 but the payout is upwards of $1.25 Million if you make it out with all the cash.
Simply steal them and bring them back to Lester’s garment factory without attracting police attention and you are done.
The black van will likely be attacked, but after the drop is made simply dispose of the van to complete the mission.
Fight your way to the bikes by going through alley ways and being weary of your crew so you don’t accidentally blow them up. So there really is no help here I can say other than to keep your eyes on the road and be careful. The goal here will be to get to the drop-off point while staying alive and keeping the truck in one piece.

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