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Sitting at the baseball game the other day, a multitude of things ran through my mind, first and foremost being how awesome it was to be a mid-day, sunshine-filled baseball game. Whether or not you’ve heard of this nifty site, you’re not going to believe how much money there is to be made! A short story: last Saturday, I found a seller off-loading four tickets to a baseball game plus a $10 parking pass for $20. It still amazes me how many people have not heard of this site, yet it is one of the most utilized resources on the planet. Over time, people started posting items on the list in different areas, jobs, stuff for sale, and apartments, the latter in response to San Francisco's apartment shortage.
After being approached toward the end of '97 about running banner ads, he decided to make non-commercial.
Just so you know, now operates in over 300 cities in all 50 states, and in over 50 countries. This simple to use and navigate website reminds me of the Wild West: a great and vast resource just waiting to be discovered. Currently, a business venture I am involved in generates hundreds of dollars every day from If you want to know the rules, find the Terms of Use, Frequently Asked Questions, and General Posting Guidelines. Generally speaking, the same rules apply here as garage sales, flea markets, or any of the like marketplaces.
A word of caution: once you've made a deal, be sure you meet the seller at the store, to verify the amount of credit remaining on the card.
The benefits to reselling on are it allows you to reach an unsaturated market. You can get 75% of your Final Value Fees back when you drive qualifying traffic to your eBay Store from a location outside eBay with the Store Referral Credit.
And posting classifieds ads on, they find their way into Google search results. My suggestion is to sign up for an account, as it will be easier to keep track of and manage your listings. Since is a text-based website, most people never think outside the box and do not use all the tools available to them to spice up their ads and get noticed. Whatever business you are currently conducting, add to your advertising efforts, whether you are an internet entrepreneur or you own a traditional brick and mortar business. Say you are an affiliate of a popular dating site and want to post a link to the dating site – placing it in the personals is a guarantee your listing will be flagged faster than you can believe (see Posting Guidelines). You may even want to add a line to the top thanking them for visiting your posting… just a few changes to the text will help. Unfortunately, there is not an auto-poster program developed for currently, so if you want to post your 1967 Chevy in 50 cities, you are going to have to visit all 50 posting sites and create your post. The truth of the matter is if you want to get noticed, risk being flagged and post every two or three days. Recently, I devised a way to get the word out about a new product and start driving traffic to one of my Web sites.
In the above example, I included a color ad of a calendar, just to make people think of their own personal calendar. Utilize the tips outlined in this article to post in more cities, in more categories, and more often without getting flagged! All text, code and graphics on this website are Copyright © 1993-2008 Cyberwave Media. Yesterday I posted about selling a pair of boots on Craigslist and there were some comments about how to sell something on Craigslist, and is it safe. I totally understand the concerns and there can be problems for sure if you are not careful.
I have 1 more pair of boots I want to sell, and I am going to walk you through that as I post them today. First, you are going to need an account, you can sign up for free in the left hand top corner of Craigslist. I always check the box that makes my email address anonymous, I don’t want my email out there for everyone.
If I have been corresponding with someone to buy something and my husband goes to pick it up without me, I always tell them to expect HIM and not me, as to not scare them or make them uncomfortable that it was a man and not the woman who they had talked to. Like I said, if you are smart and careful, you will have really good luck selling and buying from Craigslist.
My advice to people about Criaglist is just make sure that you would want to buy your own product (i.e. Craigslist is a great place to make some money if you are selling old stuff or even buying stuff to sell. You said don’t provide phone number so how does the person who wants to buy contact you? CUTE Multi-Pocket Crossbody Bag ONLY $14.75!Finish Quantum Max Powerball Dishwasher Tablets only 14? Shipped!

As Craigslist moves to establish its options for streams of revenue in more cities, this localized global expansion will eventually help Craigslist bring in more money as well. We are the best technology blogs out their noted that users were left confused between all these various different models, makes and sizes of phones. In the age of Taskrabbit and Postmates, if you have enough money you can get away with doing almost nothing for yourself.
If you want to Pokemon GO in style, you can hire even hire a dude in a Mercedes to drive you around the burbs. Veteran reporter Tim Poole who’s covered racial unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore, has had to leave Milwaukee.
The independent Republican and former CIA field operative adds another key state to his list.
In early '95, he decided to help out, in a very small way, telling people about cool events around San Francisco like the Anon Salon and Joe's Digital Diner. He still finds it awkward that such a visible site is named after him, but he'll get over it. One of my favorite aspects of the old west involves the entrepreneurs who traveled to set up shop selling implements to the miners. If the community does not like your posting, where you placed it, or what you are offering or saying, there is a flagging system in place where users can suggest your ad be removed. In the terms and conditions, prohibits the use of links which lead to commercial websites. So if you are trying to post your ad in multiple cities, you will get an error message preventing you from posting. There is a general search engine on the main page to search the main categories; within each subcategory there are further search options to filter listings down.
For example, if an LCD monitor is going for $50, you check it and it’s worth $60 new, make an offer of less than the asking price. Sometimes sellers (as you will find out) don’t get serious inquiries right off the bat. A little known source of great bargains consists of offers on to sell unwanted gift cards. In fact, eBay provides you with INCENTIVES to send traffic to your auction from an outside source called Store Referral Credit. Post a photo of your item on and use the URL link to your auction eBay provides to drive more traffic to your auction!
So, even people who are not specifically searching for your product or service on the actual site may be coming across your ad through search engines. I cannot prove it, but it seems to me if you have an account, your ads seem to stay on a little longer, perhaps it takes a little more to flag an account holder.
Adding color, photos and other devices will help you attract more attention and increase your ad’s response rate. They are advertising expansion into other categories for the future, so keep an eye on this service.
Posts appear in chronological order (last submitted on top), and readers will typically stop perusing after about two days' worth of posts. And if you are looking for an opportunity to start your own business, provides the chance for you to sell mining supplies to the miners! Just be aware of this when you post – you will be able to get away with more questionable listings in smaller markets.
In fact, you want to: one of the ways to improve your response rate is to post in more than one category. Change a word or two in your heading, change the order of the words, add a photo, anything to change up the ad.
I found a site where I could buy e-books for $1 per book, which included the resale rights. If they had nothing planned, it would make them realize they have nothing going on over the weekend, and how fun it would be to have something planned. For the most part I have had better luck listing one item at a time, or grouping items together, like indoor kids toys, and outdoor kids toys and selling them in 2 sets and not just 1. These are the boots new, Ariat Heritage Western J-Toe boots they are $169.95 + tax and + shipping. A lot of people do and that is ok, but NEVER leave your home phone number and I would do my husbands cell and not mine.
I make sure that my kids are not in them, and if it is outside that I don’t have too much of my home showing and no license plates either. Now it is listed and people can see it… My final ad on Craigslist HERE  It is live and you can watch for some emails, or texts and phone calls if you left your number. My husband once came home upset about buying a kids playhouse because the woman was so careless, left him with her baby, and could have been easily robbed by a not nice person. People are REALLY flakey and many times they will say they are on their way and never show up. We have sold some bunk beds and other large furniture where it required coming to my house.

We have bought and sold a lot of things thru Craiglist, I especially loooove getting my college books thru them– they are so much cheaper. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Love plays out the Mutants in Manhattan Turtles game and finds out that it will always end up like that. No doubt the hits on YouTube reviews for these phones must have also doubled at least from the trend experienced previously on such videos. She’ll catch Pokemon, hatch your eggs, stop at every Pokestop and battle at gyms if requested.
Her newfound fame made her fear retribution from Niantic for violating their terms of service. You can buy, sell, or promote just about anything you want on it, which includes YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. It spread through word of mouth, and became large enough to demand the use of a list server, majordomo, which required a name.
Recently, started charging a very nominal fee for posting jobs in some major metropolitan areas to curtail the influx of scam ads, but even then, if you wanted to hire someone, there are still areas you can do this for free.
Since does not police the site, the users are left to interpret the policies and obey them at will. Most CraigsListers will promise their items to the first person they speak with, so timing is everything. This situation stems from the fact many holders of gift cards either paid nothing for them, or paid well below the face value. You can now use your newly acquired gift card(s) to buy product to sell online or resell the card for face value. I routinely submit 15-30 ads a day essentially advertising the same product by using this technique. Besides listing them on for $1 a piece, in some cities I offered to give them away for a limited time. As is the same with all marketing, you want your potential clients to WANT what you’re selling. I buried the link to the website as a directive to fill out an application form, thus disguising the link to my commercial webpage. I have made some really good money getting rid of unneeded items and even gotten rid of some free things I didn’t want to move myself. And if you try any creep stuff, she says she knows how to defend herself (with Pokemon I assume).
En route to the ball game, I posted the extra two tickets on for face value ($20 total) and within minutes I had my buyer who met me at the game with cash in hand.
And while the masses are making a few dollars each day on by selling their sofas or game tickets (which I am oh-so grateful for), there is the potential to make THOUSANDS a month promoting, buying, and selling! There is one market I have to repost my ad in about 5 times a day, yet the majority of the other markets have the same or similar ad and it stays up for the full 45 days.
My insider tip here is to subscribe to any category via RSS or hit the refresh key often. I know of one person who drives around a picks up all the free and undervalued furniture and sells them in a used furniture store for two to three times the purchase price!
Bundled in the zip file, I included a thank you page, which consisted of a short sales letter with a link to my website.
Since I never really wore these at all, I would love to get $150, but that isn’t going to happen looking at the other ads.
I took these will my cell phone, emailed them to myself, resized them smaller, and uploaded them to this post.
With that being said, I would never have someone drive from far away if I had someone else looking at it.
Some sections will host your photo, some sections you will have to host your photo elsewhere and add the link in your ad. I put $110 because you know someone will offer me $50 and I will have to go back and forth. I have met a few other Moms in a parking lot when I have sold maternity clothes or kids items, but I still had someone else with me, either my older son, or a friend. I also don’t want someone walking all through my house to view an item, if possible take the shortest  route or if you can, bring the item to the front door. I would never buy something that I was not confident or experienced with if it was a lot of money.
You never know that even if you have been talking to a woman, that they are the person who you will actually meet.

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