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While the Beach Boys once sang about the virtues (or lack thereof) of California girls, they also gave a shout out to “ the Southern girls with the way they talk, they knock me out when I'm down there.” Our belle du jour is indeed a true Southern belle, and a raging beauty even in her ‘50s. It’s rather undeniable the Andie MacDowell is an object of beauty, and in the 1991 film “The Object of Beauty,” there is ample evidence of her charms. Although that might have included a body double, her nude scene in 1992’s “Ruby Cairo” leaves little doubt that it’s really her.
Ok, we don’t want to make her feel bad or call her a liar or anything, but take a peek at this clip from “Ruby Cairo.” Maybe she just forgot?
While there is absolutely zero evidence that such a tape exists, the topic is pertinent to our discussion as she starred in the film that first brought sex tapes to the mainstream public’s attention.
As any fan of “Mad Men” can tell you, the first episode of the most recent (and sadly final) batch of programs opened with Don Draper seemingly seducing a gorgeous young woman in a fur coat.
Andie actually has another daughter as well who is an actress, so what advice does she have for them?
To put some context to that, it’s been said that Andie is a “good Christian” so perhaps that explains it.
Summer is just around the corner and with all the kids home during the day the house is bound to be messier than usual. For this particular chart, the chores are organized into 4 categories – chores for good hygiene, chores for their bedroom, chores for our home, and other misc.

Print them, fill them out, then put them in a sheet protector or laminate them so you can use them with a dry erase marker. StephanieWife, mom of 5, and creator of Somewhat Simple, Stephanie has a passion to create and inspire. This caught my eye because I have too decided that it was time to make my kids earn privileges instead of them being automatically given. It did not print when I downloaded it so I sent it to myself in an email and then it printed properly. The lovely Andie MacDowell has been a star for over 30 years, and though her career has had peaks and valleys, she’s remained in the limelight for much of the time. Her nude scene in the film is open to debate as to whether or not there’s usage of a body double, but this clip still offers plenty of beauty for her fans to appreciate. She said that when she started out as an actress “You never saw respected actresses showing their boobs.
Steven Soderbergh’s “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” was a hugely influential film for many reasons, not only in that it brought the great Soderbergh international attention for the first time, but it was also the first of the modern “indie” or “Sundance-type” films to break through with national audiences.
It turns out he was actually auditioning her to appear in an ad, and the mystery woman was none other than Andie’s daughter, Rainey Qualley. In an effort to help control the mess and keep the productivity up, I came up with a printable chore chart that can be customized and changed up however you like!

I have even shared this page with some of my mommy friends and posted the link on Facebook, I hope that is okay.
Our mission here is quite simple though – to direct our beloved readers to the places where they can see the fair Andie without clothes, and on that front, we are in luck.
But with a big list of small tasks, they have more to mark things off and they like to see progress. She enjoys traveling, shopping, organizing, cooking and creating simple projects for her home and family. I have been looking for a good chore chart for both my kids and I really like the way this one is set up. Sometimes charts are great visual aids for kids so they can really see how they are progressing. I have two children (ages 7 and 11) and am constantly on the go and seem to not be able to stop the chaos!!
So, rather than listing clean your room, I list all the tasks that need to be done in their room: make your bed, pick up your toys, put your laundry away, etc.

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