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There aren’t a ton of credit card companies out there that I genuinely enjoy supporting, but Amex is definitely one of them. A few months ago, I contested a $30 charge with my Southwest Chase card and I got a phone call from a pushy CS rep who wanted me to go on a 3 way call with the merchant. Conversely, I’ve challenged a couple transactions on my AMEX Gold card and they have immediately refunded the money. I signed up for my AMEX Gold Personal Card two years ago when they had a 75,000 point sign up bonus and no annual fee for 2 years(those were the days!).
Still though, the $175 annual fee was looming so I decided to call in and see if they had any retention promotions. After employing all of these tactics, the rep offered me 7,500 MR points instantly to keep the card and another 5,000 points after I made $500 in purchases. When applying for business credit cards, you generally don’t need to own a thriving and prosperous business. It’s been almost one year since my sign-up so I called in today and they offered me a $100 statement credit or 10,000 points to keep the card. Readers, have you ever tried calling in to get your AF reduced and if so, what type of offers have you received? He also reminded me to write down the toll free international number from the back of the card and keep it in a separate place in case we lose our card. Yea I think AMEX treats their employees really well because they in turn treat us pretty well.
I have TWICE accidentally paid the wrong card off in full via online bill pay because I had different billing addresses for both cards in my old Chase account. Also, since I’ve had my Amex Blue card since August of 2007, in my August 2012 statement for the Delta card they put a cute notice about thanking me for being a member for five years.
Hey Blake, I could go on for hours about this topic so if you’d like more info feel free to e-mail me.
The best thing about being a DIY junkie, is how empowered you feel in turning the trends others are paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for (or hiring designers to pull off) into your weekend project. I rounded up some DIY-able 2016 trends both indoors and out, that can turn your indoors and outdoors into a showplace with a minimum investment of time. A cooled-down color palette paired with weathered gray oak flooring and a steel bench wrapped in white leather sets the tone in this condo's expansive entry space. A graphic wallpaper in black and white makes an especially strong statement in a small space like a powder room.

A pale blue wall lends visual balance to this bathroom, which features both earthy and industrial elements. We have quite a few projects to work on in (and outside) this house, but so far bathrooms haven’t really been on our high priority list. Today I thought I’d show you the before photos of this bathroom and give you a few thoughts I have for how to update it.
As you can see, the bathroom started out as a pretty basic neutral space which has provided us a nice starting point. We may paint the walls down the road, but because they are neutral they are easy enough to work with at least for now. I’m envisioning a navy blue for the vanity to make the room a bit cheerier, kind of like the inspiration photo above.
We plan to keep the flooring and shower tile currently in our bathroom for now because it’s a neutral toned marble tile, but I think a few accessories and a throw rug will warm it all up and give it more pizazz. We definitely plan to update our mirrors and light fixtures to change the style. As you might recall from many months ago, I already completed one easy cosmetic update in one side this bathroom. Our new shower head is the Waterpik Torrent PowerSpray + (You can find this one and other finishes and varieties like a handheld model at Target, Home Depot and Walmart for about $ 35).
We put together a short one-minute video so you can see how really simple it was to install, and some of the features. I love that it has 9 spray settings with up to 2X the pressure of its competitors, but it is also a water saving shower head (it can save .5 gallons per minute!) so it’s a budget-friendly choice.
I love that it has a larger 4.5? diameter head and the sleek design with black accents makes it a great upgrade for a shower. All original photos, images and articles are copyright to their respective owners and no copyright infringement is intended. Singer Danielle Bradbery wears a Patricia Bonaldi dress to the 2015 CMT Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena on June 10, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. Twitter world is always buzzing with the latest and most happening trends in the world and obviously you want to be a part of it. Give a brief, witty, clever, interesting, funky, a simply mind blowing account of yourself and what you’re really about.
It seems we all want products and pieces in our homes that are beautiful, simple and serve more than one purpose. This white one flows seamlessly with the white cabinetry and light gray countertops and backsplash. The lower level bathroom is the newer of the two and it is actually one I am more excited about updating because it will be the easier and less costly project. It’s nice to have easy projects you can do even just one weekend at a time so you can see improvements without a huge investment of time or money.
So what could we do to add our own personality? Since it’s the bathroom my son uses I want to keep it fairly masculine, but also make it feel welcoming for our guests who also use this bathroom.

I think I’ll skip the wallpaper though even though it is cute because, you know, it seems a bit risky with a teen boy. Simply by adding the artwork, mirror and a little cart we were able to add personality to the space with very little effort. Since the bathroom already has all the basic plumbing in place, like the double sinks, shower and tub, other changes can be made more affordably. Literally within about a minute, we felt like we had a brand new shower! The one that was there previously didn’t have a functioning adjustable sprayer and we were not a fan of the wimpy water pressure so this was definitely an upgrade.
A few of the settings didn’t seem to be as powerful as I would choose, but everyone has different preferences!
Not just that, you want people to listen to what you say without which you feel left out and unimportant. A funky, unique and a fun theme ensure that people visiting your page actually read your tweets and then decide to follow you.
But one extra piece of advice that I want to add is to keep your profile pictures across different social networks consistent. I called to let them know we were traveling outside the country back in May and I mentioned to the rep on the phone that I was concerned a lot of small merchants wouldn’t take the card and he reminded me that if that is the case we could purchase travelers cheques in Euros after we arrived and sent me a list of the banks where we could take care of this.
If we decide to give it a makeover, I think it would probably be fairly easy to paint the cabinet or even just replace it. It’s fairly simple to update a faucet, for instance, but not as easy to add plumbing that isn’t there or isn’t located where you want it. To avoid all this depressing situation, the first thing that you need to do is to get more followers. This is something ripped from a business lesson which says that treat every market differently. The next best thing that you can do if all of these tips fail is to get a lead role in a multi-million dollar production deal!!
Some so called experts believe that numbers don’t count for much but trust me when I say numbers are everything. I implemented theses ideas when I was creating my coupon site where I offer havahart wireless promotion and Oakley Signs discount code Ok now let’s get down to the process which gives you more followers.

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