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Fast forward to today and Metadot Corporation, the company behind the Das Keyboard, has produced numerous revisions of their Das Keyboard such as the Model S Ultimate, Model S Professional, Model S Professional Silent, and Model S Ultimate Silent. Thank you for our interest to become a member in San Diego’s largest entrepreneurial eco-system, events and newsletter outreach. Please select your annual SDEC Membership Subscription that closely matches the needs of your entrepreneurial endeavors. Explorer Annual Memberships are $85, which includes a 2 - hour business consultation (valued at $300) and discounts for products and services. Pioneer Annual Memberships are $175, which includes a 4 - hours of business consultation (valued over $600) and other discounts on products and services. Innovator Members are "Domain Expert" Consultants and are paid annual memberships that include 4 months of advertising on the SDEC web site (Community Partner).
Visionary Members are paid annual memberships that include 12 months of advertising on the SDEC web site (Corporate Partner).
The SDEC collaboration platform, events and programs connected me to the right people which helped my business. The SDEC opened my eyes to a new and easy away to develop my business versus writing a 20 page marketing plan.

I didn't know about all the legal issues a business owner has to deal with until I attended a SDEC workshop. More than 25 apps to choose from including multi-player apps, arcade-style games and augmented reality which will not only have the youngsters occupied, but plenty of games to keep the oldies excited as well! Waterproof and petproof, cats love it and even dogs can’t break it’s polycarbonate shell! In 2005, the founder, Daniel Guermeur decided to make a totally blank keyboard in order to improve his typing speed and accuracy. Each of these keyboards have their own unique features but are based on the central idea of building the best typing keyboard in the world.
This is an annual event in which Entrepreneurs from all vertical markets are invited to participate to Discover, Recognize, Collaborate and Celebrate Entrepreneurship.
The recently released updated version is now faster, brighter and smarter than ever before and is sure to be one of the hottest Christmas presents around!
To his surprise, this idea worked and Daniel began seeing his typing speed and accuracy improve. The end results are building businesses and creating jobs faster than the traditional formats available to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

Featuring two ramps that pop directly out of the packaging, users can now catch big air that gives Felix Baumgartner a run for his money (parachute not included). As many of his friends and colleagues noticed the keyboard, they became interested in getting such a keyboard and pretty soon the money making potential of this keyboard was obvious. Unlike the Das Keyboard Model S Professional which uses Cherry MX Blue clicky keyswitches, the Das Keyboard Model S Professional silent uses Cherry MX Brown keyswitches, which still retains the tactile bump of the Cherry MX Blue keyswitches, but doesn’t make the clicky sound upon actuation.
Powered by induction charging, Bluetooth connection, and upgraded firmware, Sphero 2.0 will change the way you play.
Offered in three unique hues, these all-terrain covers protect Sphero against the elements while providing unbeatable traction for enhanced performance.

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