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Empowered by the accomplishment of the steadily common Yeti, Skoda set by itself an endeavor of stretching its SUV vary, with a 7-seater as the respectable future venture in the organization’s improvement.
Our Special Interest Group Tours are educational or themed trips sponsored by universities, churches, and other groups.
When you travel with us, we're with you every step of the way, from helping you book your trip until you return home. Going deep with the founders of Wait But Why, who show that thoughtful, long-form content is king. Note: BuzzFeed publishes several long and excellent feature stories every week, as you can see on their Big Stories page.
Over the last several years many professional writers and journalists have lamented what's been called the BuzzFeedification of the Internet.
This is an Internet where, it seems, a steady stream of churn-and-burn content is king, and anything of substance is only second best.
Increasingly, news organizations are relying on apps like Snapchat and Facebook not only to build their audiences but to host their content, in ways that are designed to capture readers' supposedly shrinking attention spans, which are thought to be so short that anything longer than a six-second Vine or a listicle that takes longer than 30 seconds to assimilate could have them clicking or tapping away to the next bit of stimulation. We took a bet that long-form, high-quality articles would stand out in a world of listicles.
And this has happened, the site's founders say, organically, without buying any followers or likes, or even pressing hard on social media. This is all the more impressive considering there just isn’t a lot of content on Wait But Why.
Common Internet logic would say that articles of those lengths just don’t go viral, and that an editorial website that only publishes occasionally certainly has no chance of retaining readers.
In eschewing churn in favor of substance and breadth for depth, Wait But Why's essays also capture a level of reader engagement that even the new-media giants would be envious of. There is desire for content that is less disposable and more like a good book—essays and articles you want to return to, to read again and again.

Ironically for a long-form content site, the stick figure drawings often used in Urban’s essays have become an iconic staple of Wait But Why. Urban’s essays cover a wide array of lofty topics ranging from the vastness of time and space to religion to tackling social preconceptions about marriage.
And anyway, doing your research pays off, like when one of the world’s most famous AI enthusiasts tweets that your article on the subject hit the mark.
In spite of the public appetite for expertise, there's a value in being approachable, says Urban. This dude strapped a GoPro to a Hot Wheels car as it traveled through 8 different track sections all connected by tunnels.
You've seen the athletes at the Rio games look down at the colorful little thingees after they won a medal. Dad cannot stop gagging while trying to change a baby's stinky diaper for the first time!! But seriously, Minnesota making a strong push for inclusion in the latest edition of the Darwin Awards.
Channel 9 Melbourne, Australia weather presenter Rebecca Judd is about to take some time off on maternity leave and her coworker leans in for a kiss and Rebecca is NOT having it! Marvel at all the must-see spots, plus discover local color and off-the-beaten-path cultural experiences. We're passionate about getting to know and love other cultures, making new friends, and getting beyond day-to-day boundaries.
We did not intend to belittle the work of the editors and writers there, and we regret if that was the takeaway. It’s an Internet where if you want to get a job writing for one of the hottest media companies on the web, your knowledge of how and why information is shared online is as important as your writing talent. But now I have a link for him: A young, bare-bones website called Wait But Why is disproving the notion that thoughtful, long-form content and virality are mutually exclusive. It was like the Internet had given up on people having attention spans," says Tim Urban, the thirtysomething writer and cofounder of Wait But Why, the sometimes humorous, almost always profound, long-form explainer site whose articles have captivated millions and garnered influential fans, including Elon Musk and Sam Harris).
Unlike viral churn-and-burn content sites, which posts dozens of articles a day, Wait But Why has only published just over 80 articles in total.

In fact, it’s just run from the laptops of two friends separated by the span of America between them. But unlike the GIFs and memes that most viral content is built upon, the simple drawings in Wait But Why’s articles are there to support the words, much of the time adding humor that contextualizes a topic and strengthens the prose in the process. An A++ is going to get shared 1,000 times more than an A+, which gets shared 1,000 times more than an A. A I lived in Minnesota for a few years and they loved to make fun of some of the weird stuff people in Wisconsin do, and rightfully so. A But, silver lining, you can fit your dented Jeep in the garage finally, so you got that going for ya. Urban and his co-founder, Andrew Finn, figured that even if nine out of 10 people read the first few paragraphs and left, that 10th person would be enough to begin building a loyal following. Its most viral article, a 1,600-word essay explaining the psychosocial reasons why Generation Y is so unhappy, has well over 2 million shares. Urban has a BA in Government from Harvard and Finn earned his BBA from the University of Michigan, but in describing Wait But Why's ascendence, neither cites their degrees or experience running their other companies, two ed-tech startups they previously founded called ArborBridge and truePrep. About 200 feet of track was used, and it was filmed with a GoPro mounted on a 2014 Pharadox car. The site is now visited by people from every country in the world every month, and its content is so viral its readers offer to translate it into other languages, including Chinese, so their non-English-speaking friends can read it. The site’s other long-form essays typically get in the range of 300,000 to 600,000 shares each.
Instead they credit the site's success to their friendship since kindergarten and the decades of esoteric conversations only best friends can have.
And, they say, that seemingly small difference can translate into exponentially more shares.
We're passionate about travel, and happy to answer any questions or share our own globetrotting experiences with you.

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