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THE HAYHUT, the all weather enclosed horse hay feeder heralds a revolution in the feeding of hay to horses and in particular it capitalizes on the feeding of economical round rolls that are quickly replacing square bales as farmers struggle with production costs caused by lack of available labor.A  These labor shortagesA throughout the country are also forcing A marked increases in the prices of conventional square bales! By enclosing the hay it is protected from inclement weather and the ravages of horses that, by nature, like to defecate on hay and use it as bedding. The Hayhut can also be used for stacks of conventional square bales where significant labor savings areA achieved by extending times between hay feedings. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
M & J Construction provides top quality turnkey metal buildings installed on your site.

At M & J Construction we use bolt-together systems on the buildings we install to save time and money on erection costs.
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From concrete foundations, new building erection to building add-ons or interior build-out, we can construct our storage building, garage, agricultural barns, commercial buildings or homes. From simple to complex projects, M & J Construction has the experience and knowledge to make your building ideas a reality.

It is so cool to recycle pallets into this fabulous swimming pool for outdoor fun in Summer! Torben Jung, a Germany guy, shared on Facebook this inspirational DIY project that you may want to have a go, too! This pool project is so great that you don’t need spend too much money and efforts to build, or dig the ground, you can easily disassemble it after Summer.

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