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We are also a short walk from Moorgate and Old Street stations (click a station name to see the route on the map).
It seems that in the age of online applications and email that the humble cover letter still gets read. The desire to start at the bottom and to prove oneself definitely seems to have declined in the last few years.
Here are 10 tips for how you can fast-track your success as a freelance bookkeeper and dramatically increase your odds of building the successful freelance lifestyle business you really want. Bookkeepers who succeed and get a constant stream of new referrals have great communication skills!
Running a successful freelance bookkeeping business creates the opportunity to benefit everyone you touch.
Fear of failure holds many of us back from getting started or making needed changes to reach our goals. The only way you can fail in your freelance bookkeeping business is to not take action to get what you want. While bookkeeping principles don’t change, technology is advancing at a break-neck pace! Make marketing a regular part of your weekly plans and you will easily have as many clients as you want! This year’s South by Southwest festival promised bigger crowds, bigger performances, huge headlining speakers - like First Lady Michelle Obama and lastly, an introduction to the next wave of dazzling technology.
As droves of people descended upon the 29th annual SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, they were expecting to see the next big thing in cinema, music and technology. At this year’s SXSW, Not Impossible Labs introduced a digital solution designed to assist those unable to speak. Architected by Eberling and computer software designer Javed Gangjee, they were able to design a technology that can take a person completely unfamiliar with computer technology and transform them into to a person capable of typing two-and-a-half words per minute or more. As in years past, this year’s SXSW did not go without its dissenters and naysayers that shouted about technology becoming too overwhelming and too large. What’s great about this type of technology is that as it emerges and companies like McDonalds, Gatorade or Gillette convert them into incredible interactive marketing, it also allows for the technology to become mainstream, making it easier to get access to. And I’d be remise not to mention that this type of technology is already being used for good. In 1842, a young woman by the name of Ada Lovelace, a British mathematician and daughter of Lord Byron, wrote what is considered to be the first computer program. In simplest terms, it was the birth of the stepwise sequence of operations for solving certain mathematical problems and in conjunction with Charles Babbage, a path was written for the first executable computer program algorithm.
On Monday, we posted Fast Five Facts about Public, Private, Hybrid cloud platforms that list the benefits of each. The customer approached VAZATA with clear motivation to use hybrid cloud services and a need to divide the two applications between a private cloud services for the Accounting piece and a public cloud SaaS environment for the email -  by diversifying, it resulted in significant cost savings for the customer.
This same scenario is happening more and more frequently as hybrid cloud becomes a more popular option and it’s pretty safe to say that the operations team here at VAZATA would agree. If anything, you should revaluate whether you can diversify your service providers like this company.
To avoid confusion we provided some differentiators between public, private and hybrid cloud services.
All this talk about the Cloud probably has your head spinning because of how different it is from one minute to the next. When you’ve ensured that you have quick backup after those chaotic 30 days, your disaster recovery kicks in and you, as a medical institution, financial bank or the lady on the corner selling yarn for a living, fire it back up to get back to business. 95% of businesses experienced outages for reasons unrelated to natural disasters (ZOMBIES!) DRaaS provides protection that matches that of a large corporation.
Studies show that at least 82% of enterprises had a hybrid cloud strategy, up from 74% recorded in 2014 and the numbers that are trickling in for 2015 are pretty phenomenal too. Back in 2010, the Whitehouse stepped in and introduced a new policy around IT reform, putting parameters around emerging CSPs, specifically the ones that wanted to do business with a Federal Agency or the Federal Government.
VAZATA recently had the distinction of receiving Federal Risk Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP?) authorization for Managed Cloud Services after committing to a process that took a little over five years to complete; with that VAZATA was named the 21st company to reach that achievement. Government agency or not, you can take advantage of where you store your mission critical data.
We’ve recently made an announcement about the milestone to shed light around our Virtual Federal Image (VFI) platform and its benefits, including the common tools, processes, and ease of provisioning, all while affording agencies a level of security that is not normally available in existing public cloud environments.
VAZATA is a managed hosting, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud managed service provider serving Global 1000 businesses, U.S. Back in 2010, the Whitehouse stepped in and introduced a new policy around IT reform putting parameters around emerging CSPs, specifically the ones that wanted to do business with a Federal Agency or the Federal Government. FedRAMP is the result of close collaboration with cybersecurity and cloud experts from the General Services Administration (GSA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DOD), National Security Agency (NSA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council and its working groups, as well as private industry.
The Internet of Everything (IoE) or Internet of Things (IoT)  is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items with sensors and network connectivity that exchange data. Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE) is the quiet communication that is happening all the time. What I found to be the most intriguing was that some of the technology showcased was eerily familiar.

At $4,000, this thing better spin records and do my taxes at the same time but to some, $4K for a turntable is an absolute prize. All in all, this camera is cool, I’d consider buying it at its $400 - $700 price point.
Imagine this, you’re introduced to someone and you have a reaction that spikes your adrenaline. The dress is comprised of dozens of Curie computing modules that tell the dress when to expand. On Monday an American student sent a cover email and application to a Wall Street boss he’d only briefly met. For many, getting hired is the end of slog, whereas in reality it’s still just the beginning. By continuing to use our website you are accepting our use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. Starting your own freelance bookkeeping business is NOT the same as getting a job as a bookkeeper to make money. When you are a freelance bookkeeper you have the freedom to make your own decisions and choices.
Especially if you’re working on a virtual basis (via the Internet and phone) you need to become a proactive communicator for smooth and timely interaction with your clients.
If we expect to be treated and paid as professionals by our clients, we need to act like them! But the information is invaluable for providing valuable information about where your clients’ businesses are headed financially. If you are willing to contribute toward the success of others without always expecting something in return, you set the wheels of an abundant mindset in motion and position yourself as an attractive expert. If you’d like to learn EXACTLY how to market your services in a way that attracts strangers and turns them in to friends who want to hire you, join me on my brand new training, The Freelance Bookkeeper Marketing System. The use of a to-do-list (and tools such as Evernote and Trello) becomes a part of your system; and, therefore, is useful in working your (time-management) system through.
The program gave Don Moir his voice back and even more remarkable, he gained independence back as well. A children’s hospital in Atlanta is looking at VR as a means to immerse their patients into a completely different environment while undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
They had assets that required certain levels of compliance, while pieces of their environment that did not. Knowing which one is best for your company can be a challenge so here’s some fast facts about each. In the movie World War Z starring Brad Pitt, they still had power, running water and some sense of order, so I’m going to start there.
I get that DRaaS might seem a little extreme if you feel like you may not want to replicate your data in case zombies come crashing into your office. To prepare for a zombie attack (or maybe an earthquake, whichever comes first), we know we have to have a continual plan to replicate your physical or virtual servers through a third-party as a fail-safe way to protect yourself from a man-made or natural catastrophe. If you’re an SMB, DRaaS is not something strictly related to businesses with large volumes of data. With such a high level of utilization, the landscape can get crowded and regulation for public and private sectors can shift and change rapidly, making it feel like the Wild West. Our FedRAMP security authorization is the highest level of security attainable and with an intense audit performed every 30-days so you know your data is fully protected.
It’s estimated that this last year, a total spend of $235 billion was supported by IoT.
In fact, I wonder what some of this stuff is even doing there since some were introduced back in the 1930’s.
The electronic motor has been replaced with a wireless one to eliminate vibrations and deliver clearer audio. Let me begin with, the first Super 8 camera was introduced in 1965; 51 years later, here it is again. But throw in physical Super 8 film cartridges, and you might find me wondering why I didn’t leave it to the experts.
The workloads vary, the sensitivity varies, and the need for public and private cloud vary.
Two days later it had done the rounds in the US (hitting the inboxes of some senior business people), and then made its way across the pond and into the national press. That was the great thing about this cover letter – by demonstrating a willingness to fetch coffee or shine shoes, it meant that wherever Ross gets hired (and he almost certainly will), he’s gone half way to proving himself already.
But without a clear vision and planned destination for your business, you are creating a job for yourself. Get into the habit of using your freedom as a FREElancer to make your own choices and build your business to be uniquely your own. Sharing this knowledge with them, can open new opportunities for add-on consulting services. This will spark the inclination of others to send you referrals and give back to you in ways you can’t even imagine. But as freelance bookkeepers we need to stay abreast of new developments that can improve how we work with our clients and improve our profitability or that of our clients. Gerber in the business classic The E-Myth Revisited, systems should run the business and people run the systems.

You’ll learn the step-by-step process for getting a steady stream of new clients started in 30 days or less.
If you just want to make some extra money, getting a part-time job may be the easier route. You could decorate the place with colorful balloons, paint brushes and whatever doodle you thought would be cool and then walk away with a printed copy of your masterpiece!
But remember, you want to pick up where life left off before you ran away from your sleepwalking neighbor. From the security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring, it’s an intense audit all around. The company provides highly secure, stable, and scalable technology solutions that meet the challenges of its global customers using a proprietary cloud architecture called vStructure™.
Another one was Google Glass - people have actually coined the term Glasshole because of them, yikes!
Physically, there’s a 10-mm thick aluminum top panel and an aluminum tonearm, making the turntable look sturdier, sleeker and more contemporary. The device offers a digital LCD flip-out panel as a viewfinder, integrated microphone and the capability of shooting at 9, 12, 18, 24 and 25 frames per second. In its most refined definition, hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment which uses a mix of on premise and third-party, public cloud services with communication between the two platforms.
Far too many applicants think that once they’ve jumped through the academic hoops, they deserve to be hired. Fortunately for whoever hires him he clearly won’t see that as the end, merely a starting point. Insight into the meaning in the numbers can also save you from continuig to work for clients who can’t afford to pay you! Learn from the results you get so you can move closer to what you want — better clients, higher fees, improved service offerings.
Plan to invest in training on an annual basis to stay up on the technology that will benefit your business most, especially if you are or plan to work virtually with your clients. As mentioned in #3 above, communication is vital to your success in working with your clients, and it all begins with their first contact with you.
But if you want the freedom and rewards that come with building something solid and scalable with your own custom-made business, then jump in with both feet and join us in serving the small businesses that need our help.
When you produce a true system, you are solving a problem and standardizing how it is worked through for more than one client so that it is scalable.
Because sedatives aren’t as necessary for the patient, the physiology and psychology associated with it has been measured with overwhelming positivity. It wasn’t until I sat to rewatch all of the Star Wars movies before going to see Force Awakens that I saw it. The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in a new world that will change the way we live, work, buy, travel, communicate and so much more and without cloud-based applications none of it would be possible.
The camera will come built with a specific lens, but because it has a C-mount available, it will thus be compatible with ridiculous range of other lenses.
The bigger reason why many struggle to make the money or create the flexible lifestyle they want most is because they have not mastered the essentials of running a successful bookkeeping BUSINESS. But when you can document each step you take to create a specific, repeatable and consistent system, not only will you find that you can produce your work more quickly and consistently, you set yourself up for expansion by being able to replace yourself, either through hiring help as your business grows, or by being able to ultimately sell your business.
The problem with a to-do list business is that it is not scalable and can be more time consuming. Doctors are hopeful they can incorporate this technology in other aspects of medicine like surgery.
It was in Star Wars, Episode IV (Remastered) that I almost came out of my seat, I couldn’t believe it - Jabba the Hutt looked like a CGI nightmare!
Plain and simple, if your device can communicate in any way to the Internet, the Internet will talk back. Consider yourself a scientist experimenting to see what will work best for you in your business, and then take action to get the test results. That’s what the cloud is offering - the ability to maintain business development awareness, customer engagement and real time market analytics. However, if you do have it all documented, you can at least train someone else to do it if you have plans to grow the business beyond yourself. In the next few years, we’ll see an abundance of cloud based applications that will take data and make it transformative, funneling it into your sales engines, models and forecasts to feed the funnel.
Creating standard systems and then taking on clients who will best be served by them, is the ideal, scalable model for bookkeeping businesses that want to grow beyond solo freelancer (or a solo who wants to make maximum revenue in minimum time). Your next steps should be an evaluation of whether your business can leverage the Internet of Things, how to ensure your infrastructure is ready for a cloud led industry and finally how make sure it’s safe, reliable and disaster proof. The new world of technology is coming your way and will shape many cloud-based applications, be selective of how you decide to leverage customer data and shape the way you do business to be smarter, more instinctual and agile.

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