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If you want to give it a try before the free period expires, you can download and here for Xbox One and here for Xbox 360 (but it won’t look as good). Yeah it will its attention to detail is incredible and there are way more cars and actual real life race tracks. Having said that comparing Horizon to Drive club is a little daft, Forza is open world where DC is track based.
You must have been playing Forza on one of Samsung’s new TVs and DriveClub on a potato. You just said that you played them side by side and now you’re telling us that you played them on the same TV. Nah DC has a much more photorealistic take on the fidelity, Forza over saturates the colors.

Troll FH2 is the best looking racing to date ohh wait and the best racing game with everything it has. The only problem I have with this game is that the places have no life or traffic and the Town of Nice looks like crap compared to real life. I live in Nice, not only there’s quite a lot of traffic, especially in the summer, but the streets are always full of people. Putting traffic lights would disrupt the gameplay by causing you to slow down at every intersection. Actually the dude that gave you the job to collect the cars is one of the cast from the other movies.
Not only it offers one of the best demos I’ve seen for a racing game, but it uses the popularity of the movies to entice people into downloading it.

As for the texture streaming on the tracks its pretty damn good outside of it its terrible, I’m sure they do this to keep overhead clear for the GPU.
DC has the most detailed, high res trackside objects and environments in any racing game, ever. Sure I know Nice has a city center but a lot of it seems to be open fields and trees, much like where I live. There’re only buildings, monuments, the beach and the Alpes are an hour away up north.

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