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No matter if you already live off the grid, live in the city, or if you live in suburbia, you need to be able to make a living to provide for you and your family. There will be bills. The whole idea of being off grid (aside from actually being disconnected from the power grid) is about self sustainability for you and your family. Just like a home needs a stable foundation to support the weight of the building above, so too do you need a stable income on which to build your off grid homestead.
It takes time to plan, and money to buy the tools and equipment you’ll need to make your move off grid. You can still make a good living working from home by selling products or services on the internet. There are as many ways to make money off grid as you can imagine. Here is a short list of possible ways to make an income off grid, some big some small, but all very possible.
If you’re a business professional, or have lots of experience in an area of study, consulting is a good way to make money off grid.
Another great way to provide food for you and your family while also creating a revenue stream is by raising livestock. Disclaimer and Privacy Policy Note: This website is for parents or guardians to be able to help their kids and teens find ideas for making money.

Anyway, as I’m coming across a bunch of great ideas for my son and starting to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities, I decided to pause and focus on the one thing we already had planned and could do immediately. We look forward to trying other ideas and using your website as a resource in the years to come. Debt free does not mean I won’t have to have money though for things like tools and equipment, more solar panels, a better wind turbine, seed for my farm (initially during startup), and many other tiny little things like gasoline for my vehicle. We did it for hundreds of years, humans did it for thousands of year before modern civilization.
Etsy is more of a handcrafted homemade item marketplace for those who create their own arts and crafts and offer handcrafting and freelance services. Sure, you can sell products and services to your local community, but don’t forget there are 7 billion people on this planet, and you are connected to about 2 billion of them through the internet. Children under the age of 13 are prohibited from providing any personal information on this site.
Unless you can figure a way to live without money, you’ll still have to have an income. Figure out a way to purchase or trade for it outright, or build it yourself for free or nearly free, so you own it free and clear.

You can find something that a tiny fraction of a percentage of them will want or need. Pick something, do something. If you’re business savvy you could run a pretty sizable business on Ebay creating a nice healthy income. Unless you win the lottery, or have a rich family member or friends willing to front you the money, you’ll have to have a job at least temporarily while you make the transition. Work hard at it. Starting an online business is easier than you might think, but never forget it takes hard work and dedication.
So, I let Google take me on a journey through the internet to see if I could find some creative ideas for ways that kids can earn money. Instead of setting up on some street corner put a yard sale together and do a bake sale on the side. Follow the Bake Sale King’s example in how to have a successful bake sale and yard sale.

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