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In this program, gymnasts are taught USA Gymnastics routines from levels 2 through to 10. Gymnasts are required to attend a minimum of 3 hours session 2 days per week and their training will include strength and injury prevention conditioning and will be spread over all competitive equipment. There will be extra costs for parents to get leotards, grips, accomodation and traveling costs etc.
Our aims are to build a competitive team for international competitions (junior and senior) and help children to have confidence and discipline while having joy of achievement.

We would love to take as many as girls as possible, experience at the international competition will be unforgettable and so meaningful for your child.
The goarm must be the same and relationship between three must be great to achive the big goal.
Please add these costs in your monthly budget, there will be no way for gymnast to do well without these support from the parents.
It is hard to explain, you just have to get there to feel how great and proud that our children compete there!!

For parents, it involves some sacrifice in the way of time, effort and money to provide your child much needed support.

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