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If you’re living and working in Dubai or in any other emirate in the UAE, chances are that you’re looking for an extra source of income that you can add to your existing salary per month. However, you need to start with a realistic look and determine the skills that you can use for your venture.
Here are some tips that you can consider if you want to make some extra money within a short period of time. You don’t need to have an in-depth business plan to know how you can make money from a particular activity.
If you start earning money and you already have a steady income, then you need to account for all your expenses.
Discover the highly profitable world of hotel property investments with The First Group my gulf news.
Iranian photographer Farhad Berahman captured photos of the South Asian laborers who build luxury high-rises and yachts. They sleep in crammed 12-ft by 12-ft vermin infested rooms that house six to eight workers each with no air conditioning. Laborers construct buildings in Dubai, working around 14 hours a day in conditions tourists are advised not to spend more than five minutes in.
Twenty-seven-year-old Jahangir from Bangladesh has worked as a cleaner for four years, earning only 800 AED (just under US $218 a month).
Twenty-four-year-old Ali Sadam has worked as a cleaner for two years and lives in Sonapur with five roommates. NextShark is an online magazine focused on covering business, tech, culture with a focus on the Asian youth market. You need to upload files to arouse high attention from visitors, such as photos, videos, movies, music, television shows and all types of file that you think will be a success and that are easy to download.

Although most commonly used file formats are accepted, it is best to consult the site before uploading any content to not marked as spam and will run the risk of being eliminated.
The basic point is that you have to upload only files that are interesting for visitors to be downloaded.
You can do this by sharing links on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums and torrent sites. All Web sites hosting files provide a wealth of statistical information about files and folders increases. Statistical tools also provide information where you can follow each link and the amount of money received for each link.
With these monitoring tools can get valuable information about your traffic sources and methods of promotion. This opportunity is international and can upload files to get money from anywhere in the world.
But in order to achieve the income that you’re looking for, it’s necessary for you to think outside of the box.
Your passion can range from playing a sport, writing a short novel or cooking a specialized cuisine in the UAE.
You can set a realistic goal like meeting your customer’s expectation, so you will develop a product to meet all their expectations. Migrant workers have their passports confiscated upon arrival by employers so they can’t leave the country, and Berahman explains that they are fearful of the government. Workers had to build their own makeshift gas lines which, unsurprisingly, are not subject to safety laws. Browse free forums where it allows the firm with links so you can post links to your content.

It’s necessary raising methods are bringing more traffic and discard those that provide no traffic. So, decide on what type of product you want to market, its selling point and how it can benefit your prospective customers. If you provide them something useful or at least solve their common problems, then you will definitely sell your product and that could mean extra income. It wouldn’t matter if you’re breaking even in the first few months; just wait for a couple of months to stabilize your venture and profits will surely come. For example, if you’re good at making novelty items, you can set a website and sell your products there. So, once you know what you’re really good at, think of a product and imagine how you can make it stand out in the market. This type of plan doesn’t require fixed hours like those on a part-time job and it’s very low cost.
You can add some more ingredients to make that cuisine one of a kind or you can even write a book about it and sell it online. Let us know what think MoneyWeek, big issues day, anything else that s on mind more than 36. You given some amazing insights into dubai teaching which tbh I thought was going glamorous exciting hard work all!

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