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To lead your own heists, you need to be Rank 12 in GTA Online and own a high-end apartment.
If you fit this criteria, Lester will give you a phone call and invite you to his garment factory. During your travels through Los Santos, you will encounter random security vans in specific areas. Once you accept the heist, you'll be able to invite fellow players through the lobby or your friends list. Anyone who has completed the GTA Online up to the Gerald's first Last Team Standing job is able to accept an invite from a heist leader. These security vans contain cash deposits and you'll have several options on how to grab the cash. Or, if you’re looking for a reliable Heists team head over to this page and leave a comment with your nickname and system. Once you've completed a heist, you'll also have the option of inviting players from your previous job. Thankfully, there are several ways you can stack cash in the fifth installment of GTA, some easy, some a bit more time consuming. You can either steal the van while the security guards load the money, blow up the van doors (if they drove away), or you can gun down both security guards and take the cash.
In all likelihood, you'll be teaming up with the same players more than once for reasons I'll outline later. The list that follows suggests tips you can use to quickly and easily pad your bank account in the game.Track Down CollectiblesThere are an abundance of collectibles scattered throughout the GTA universe.
Don’t miss our Online Heists Missions Guide either!Are you looking to land the big score?
Keep an eye out for spaceship paraphernalia, submarine parts, as well as hidden packages and letters.

There are a total of NINE locations in Los Santos and the guide below will highlight all the locations (once they've been confirmed).
Also, GTA allows you to find each treasure item up to three times, once with each character. Any GTA V community discussion about the best ways of getting money will have most people saying Heists. Two security guards will be putting the daily deposit into the truck, hence your chance to steal it. They have larger payouts than any other type of activity plus if you’re a newbie, you can have a try at the Criminal Mastermind Challenge. They are a little bit more time consuming, yes, but they are certainly worth the high reward.
They are well worth the price they command.Murder SomeoneAlthough the ability to kill people in Grand Theft Auto tends to work the media into a frenzy about video game violence, doing so is one of the quickest ways to accumulate money in the game. Following these steps will not guarantee success, but it will cut out the blunders that cause 90% of groups to fail. Beforehand, it is handy to pick up a heist vest, with is either the black or grey combat vests, as these will significantly boost survivability.
They halve all damage received, regardless where it’s coming from, and this effect does not degrade or run out.
The clerk will dutifully remove all of the cash from the register and give it to you.CarjackingAlthough not common, you will occasionally have the opportunity to rob or carjack an armored security vehicle. To make your robbery a successful one, shoot continuously into the rear doors of the vehicle until they open up.
What many, many players seem to forget, thus ending up as bloody splats on a wall, is that you can refill and use these from the interaction menu even while in a heist. To rob a security van, you need to either disable the van or kill the driver.Make Wise InvestmentsIn an effort to make the virtual world in Grand Theft Auto V mimic the real one as closely as possible, the game developers have included a stock market that, when you play it right, can help you turn maybe the largest profit of anything on this list!

While in cover (or if you’re the kind of guy that tears toilet paper with one hand, while driving), you can pull up the menu to munch some health back into your system, equip more armor, and to buy more ammunition. Quickly target and eliminate both of them and then take the nearest vehicle and escape the Police for a successful score! BAWSAQ, on the other hand, is dependent on the entire Rockstar Social Club, so its whims are a bit more unpredictable.Interestingly, you can invest in the stock market with all three of your characters. Doing so is an excellent way to maximize your cash flow.Become a Racing ChampionThere are different types of races to get involved with in Grand Theft Auto V, all of which give cash to the winner. More specifically, there are water races, off road races, illegal street races, and races that are part of missions.
While these certainly won’t lead you astray, knowing the map, or simply pulling it up, will allow you to find better routes.
So, practice first, otherwise you will be the one paying up.Other waysThere are other easy ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto V, including intervening in random events during gameplay. If the planets align, a blood moon rises and the tides reverse, you might find a heist team of randoms that actually have enough intelligence between the three of them for you pull off a setup successfully. If you do this, remain patient and give them a few minutes as they might be stuck in a loading screen for a while. Sitting in that thing is almost like having a bunker as it takes ages for its armor to be whittled down. Seriously, if the Kuruma, pulls up, if it keeps honking, or knocking your feeble mortal vehicle that is anything other than a Kuruma, you get out, and get in the Kuruma.Of course, no vehicle, no amount of armor, no outfit and no custom route will ever compare to having a group of friends, all with microphones set up, sufficient experience and a capability to cooperate.
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