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There are people who can allow themselves to fall in love, and there are people who won’t give themselves permission to fall in love.
You see couples in their teens who seem to be meant for each other and they seem to be ideal for each other.
The partner who gets left behind eventually finds somebody they can love with all their heart.
There is no such thing as the ideal love that can only happen once in a particular type of situation and with a particular type of person. Many Aquarius people subscribe to the romantic idea that there is this one person who is right for them. Well, it’s easy to see why Aquarius people often find themselves in relationships that are never really satisfying.
When you take people as they are, you no longer put that imaginary measuring stick against them.
When you enjoy the moment and you lose yourself in the moment, you begin to realize that love is really situational. If you simply allow yourself to enjoy the moment, you no longer have to deal with the heavy pressure and burden of constantly judging and sifting the situation around you. When you simply allow yourself to lose yourself in the moment and enjoy the circumstances surrounding you, you’d be surprised as to how open your mind is to the possibility of love. There are certain situations where your mind and your heart are more open to romantic attractions.
If you believe this, then you would put yourself in a position where you are more than able to identify opportunities for a romantic attraction. Once you let go of those harmful emotional ideals, you’d be surprised as to how much love is possible in your life. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
When Aquarius male and Aries female fall for each other; their bond of love flourishes with sparkling energies.
With the blend of Air and Fire, the relationship between an Aries female and Aquarius male turns out to be a sparkling and passionate association.
Aquarius man is a wonderful partner to the Aries woman who is always there to take care of every demand she makes. The sexual compatibility between an Aquarius male and Aries female is not very easily predictable.
Aquarius male marries the Aries female because of her pure innocence which wins his heart in the very first meeting.
Libra man and Aquarius woman share an interesting chemistry which creates strong attraction between the two and makes them fall deeply in love with each other. Libra man and Aquarian woman instantly become friends when they meet and don’t take too long to become lovers and get married.
The sexual relation between Libra man and Aquarius woman is fragile and delicate and must be dealt with care. Don’t become cranky and cold after a fight as this may intensify the situation causing more trouble in your relation.
I hope aftr reading all these things I can help myself in modifying my friendship into love with the girl whom I love from 3 years thank u.

You’re not giving yourself permission to fall in love because you believe these ideals. It’s not like Romeo and Juliet where there is just one ideal person for each person on this planet. They enjoy being with each other and make their lives happy with their complete involvement. She makes it an interesting and vibrant association by keeping their sexual encounters simple which emerge from her simplicity and innocence. You must be present physically and mentally with your Aries lady otherwise she may really feel rejected and unwanted. They are strongly bonded by love and respect for each other along with amazing understanding which creates a strong base for their relationship. Both these sun signs treat each other as equals and any kind of dominance in their sex life can destroy the harmony of their relationship. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. She also makes a complementing partner to him who makes this bond stronger with her loyalty and always keeps on making this relationship more interesting with her creative inputs. There is something reviving about her personality which gives a refreshing feel to lovemaking. No matter how difficult the times are, she faces them all with courage and always keeps a positive approach towards life. They don’t have to strive to make this relation work for them as it comes so easily to them.
Like any other couple, this couple may also face some trivial issues which may lead to complications in their relation. She impresses him with her ideas, intelligence and beauty and she is wooed by his calm nature and intellect. Keep off your aggression and dominating nature while making love to each other to avoid hurting one another.
Do not jump on confessing your love to her or proposing her as she wants to know you well before moving ahead.
She is really bad with her temper; you must know how to calm her down when she is in a furious mood.
She is a versatile female who is interested in learning new things in life and making her life more vibrant and lively. For instance, Libra man’s nature of getting angry and not giving any importance to the love and care of his woman may hurt her deeply causing discord in their love life. Though both the sun signs forgive each other quite easily but they don’t enjoy love making instantly after a fight. Both the partners desire to keep enjoying their acts of lovemaking like the first time sexual experience. But as time passes, these wounds may heel and they may come together and close as if they never had differences because they understand each other very well.
Her world revolves around logics and reasons which sometimes bring out her investigative nature. With time, she becomes more experimenting as she loves to try new things with her man keeping it interesting and enthralling.

Allow the healing process to take its time, meanwhile you may pacify your partner with little cuddling and sweet kisses.
Hold your hands and spend time with each other as this will not only strengthen your bond but will also help repair the damages faster. He is a very understanding match for the Aries woman as he fulfills all her demands without complains.
A Libra woman prefers an adequate amount of time to weigh her options before jumping into something serious. His indecisive nature and careless attitude along with her stubbornness may cause problems in their marriage. If you try to rush her into a relationship, she will feel overwhelmed and afraid, and decide to call it quits. He loves to keep her close to his body; he presses his body again her, squeezes it and cuddles in her arms. They are a passionate couple and once they get committed to each other, they take all possible steps to make it the most beautiful relationship with their constant efforts. Their relationship is very emotional and delicate and if handled with little more care, it can turn out to be the best relationship. She loves being loved by her man as he makes her feel desirable and lovable and in response she also showers him with her affection and love. They make it a wonderful and colorful association with their unconditional love which survives the toughest times and keeps getting stronger with time.
She will not allow you to treat her unjustly, such as getting overly jealous or starting arguments with no reasonable cause. Once your goals are met, the amount of effort you put into reaching them will make her feelings for you grow even deeper, because it shows her you are able to commit and work hard for something or someone you really love.
A Libra woman loves to be wooed; surprise her with a candlelit dinner or send a dozen roses to her workplace.
Dress elegantly when escorting her to dinner, as your outward appearance is very important to her. A Libra man enjoys hearing an occasional compliment, such as how charming or wonderful he is. Your compliments must be truthful, as a Libra man is very intuitive when it comes to insincerity. Tell him about a few organisations you've volunteered at to show him you are a charitable person.
Whether you are going out or taking part in a private conversation, express yourself with elegance and poise; having self-confidence and style will steal the heart of a Libra man. A Libra man prefers to keep things balanced, and he will look at both sides before coming to a conclusion.

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