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Last night, social media was outraged because Gabby Douglas did not place her hand over her heart during the national anthem. Gabby Douglas just standing there and not placing her hand over her heart while our anthem played was UN-olympic. On a personal note, I am married to my husband Ed, who owns a barbecue food truck called Pig Out BBQ. Pop art is fun and so is Halloween.  This is a very easy makeup look, that can be done within 5-10 mins.  Don’t forget to pop art your fingernails too! This is for you!  Maybe you bought your bunny ears for a fancy dress party but now they are gathering dust.  Bring them out and we can guarantee you’ll love this look.

Clowns are scary but when they come out on Halloween night, it’s even more scary.  Not many people are a fan of a clown so make sure you make a scary impression!
This is truly remarkable.  It’s scary and looks like you have put so much effort into Halloween, everyone will be jealous. Especially, with a stitched mouth!  It will go with any dress you decide to wear and it looks so good with a hair bow.
You can make your face look beautiful like this easy fairy makeup look.  You can add a few flowers to add to the look but your eyes need to be the main focal point. Many tweeters deemed her Un-American as she was the only gymnast of the 5 with her hand not over her heart.

There are no team rules for podium behavior, other than standing at attention and looking at the flag and Douglas isn’t the first U.S.

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