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Share It !000000A compass tattoo is a symbolic representation of a globetrotter who loves to explore the world. Whether you’re an adventurer who wants to express your wanderlust or simply a person who appreciates meaningful, thought-provoking tattoos, these compass tattoos will enrich your imagination and give you ideas on what tattoos to choose next. An arrow pierces through a compass in this symbolic and alluring tattoo located on the side of the body. This nautical tattoo boasts realistic shading and makes for an excellent choice for an arm sleeve. If you’re looking for a lighthearted tattoo with a feminine touch, this colorful floral compass tattoo is a great option.
This upper chest tattoo delivers the message of staying true to yourself and being who you are.
This upper arm tattoo showcases a compass in the middle of a ship’s anchor and surrounded by flowers. The map appears like it’s peeling off the skin, creating a more interesting back tattoo.
This blackwork tattoo relies on simplicity, making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants an impressive tattoo without much colors. A well-proportioned compass tattoo is always a safe option when you want to imprint something on your foot. This tiny compass tattoo is barely noticeable, and it’s very easy to hide with a watch or bracelet. Two arrow converge in this nape tattoo, which also features very simple lettering of the four directions.
An impressive sight at first glance, this shoulder tattoo portrays a 3D compass illustration along with thick ropes and a map backdrop featuring orange and yellow hues. This well-crafted and highly artistic design reveals the intricate inner mechanism of a compass. This star compass tattoo features dotwork style and shows off an inspirational phrase encircling the compass.
Tiny black-shaded arrows serve as markers pointing to the four directions in this star compass tattoo. The use of watercolor tattooing technique adds color and creativity to this star compass tattoo.
A back tattoo never fails to add allure, especially when you wear swimsuits and backless outfits. Another shoulder tattoo that depicts the essence of traveling with its map and compass design.

The paper airplane depicts air travel, while the map and compass represent the journey to various destinations.
The ship’s wheel symbolizes travel over the seas, while the intertwining of the watch and compass portray the time and direction. The addition of the face of a lion makes this arm tattoo look more masculine and gives the person an air of strength and authority. Blue is the perfect hue to represent the color of the ocean, making it an excellent choice to liven up and add meaning to this watercolor arm tattoo. This simple black and gray upper ankle tattoo gives new meaning in putting your best foot forward.
If you’re fond of pirate stories and you yearn to explore the seas like pirates, this pirate-themed back tattoo is an excellent design. If you want to spice up your look, especially during summer months, this compass tattoo on the lap is a great choice. Another stunning watercolor tattoo with predominantly splashes of black, blue, and purple hues.
The back of this person appears like a gorgeous canvas splattered by hints of black, blue, red, pink, and orange colors. Warm colors such as sky blue, orange, and yellow are common hues found in watercolor compass tattoos, as they are the colors of the ocean and sky.
Pointing downward, this arrow and compass tattoo lies right in the middle of the back, creating a sense of balance.
Featuring a combination of 3D and watercolor techniques, this stunning arm sleeve is amazingly brought to life.
Sailors have been known to ink themselves with compass tattoos so as not to get lost while braving the unpredictable seas. Like most other tattoos on this list, a map accompanies the compass, thus symbolizing journey, direction, and wanderlust. Tinges of  blue run up the arm, while a wavy reflection of the compass can be seen near the wrist, giving the illusion of a compass lying near the seashore and beneath blue skies. Skillful shading makes compass tattoo pop out and look like it’s wrapped around the arm.

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