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I had no idea I was going to get called on my bluff until about a month ago when my husband and son strolled in looking all proud of themselves. So I decided that I was going to figure this thing out, but on my own terms when the sun went down and the streets were dark. Well if you’ve been living under a rock like I was, you may not have heard of Pokemon GO.
And I also got a little inspiration for the blog as you see here today. Pokemon GO cookies straight out of the game. I'll help you decide what you should make for breakfast, dessert and everything in between! They surprised me with this robins egg blue cruiser, fitted with a proper white basket and a hot pink skull bell. It’s a new app that merges the real world with the virtual world and has everyone running around trying to catch Pokemon.
I’ve even included a video tutorial below to show you how I piped the designs with royal icing. Once you learn to do something, you never really forget it. Turns out for me, riding a bike is well, not like riding a bike.

You know those bikes with the big handlebars, painted in vibrant colors with baskets tacked on the front that are not only adorable, but so useful for a quick trip to the market. But my brilliant plan to avoid neighborhood humiliation was thwarted by all these people walking and biking while staring at their phones.
And apparently everyone in my neighborhood decided the best time to play was during my late night bike riding sessions. But I soldiered on. After watching all this activity, I started talking a good game about finally learning (or rather re-learning) to ride a bike. At least at night they couldn’t see my cheeks flamed red with embarrassment (twinning with Pikachu) as I wobbled down the street. A grown woman that can drive a car, raise a couple of kids and cook a mean roast chicken can’t keep herself up on two wheels?? No more being afraid of falling, cutting up my legs or knocking out a tooth when I go careening down a hill and forget how to brake.

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