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Fashion is one of those things that changes from day to day, and what’s “in” today might be a thing of the past tomorrow. His hairstyle is actually quite simple and neat, but looks good on a variety of styles, from sporty ones to a suit and tie. Even though there are people who don’t like this kind of haircut, it is an undeniable fact that it is a simple, yet elegant solution that looks good on any style. This is true for a number of things, from the type of shoes one wears, to clothing and even hairstyle. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Speaking of hairstyle, in the past several years we have witnessed a couple of trends with men’s hairstyle. Paulo keeps the hair on the top of his head on a medium size, and uses hair gel to keep it lifted upwards and looks shiny. Men have repeatedly looked up to famous people, such as movie stars and athletes in order to get a few ideas for a new haircut. That trend of looking up to people and attempting to recreate their haircut still goes on today, and one of the latest athlete style is the Paulo Dybala hairstyle. Paulo Dybala is a professional footballer from Argentina, who currently plays as a forward for Juventus, as well as the Argentina national team.

The sides of his head are cut substantially shorter than the top, and there is a clear line where the short hair ends and the long begins. He has a creative style of play, which earned him the attention of viewers around the world, and the nickname La Joya (Spanish for “the jewel”).

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