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Begin your letter by writing your name and address in the top right-hand corner of the page.
Once you have finished writing what you need to say it is time for you to "sign off" the letter. For a fun and interactive writing experience, check out Let's write a letter in the "Multimedia fun" section.
You would write this letter if you were recommending someone for a particular position, placement or award. In an acknowledgement letter you might be expressing thanks for something that someone has done, achieved or contributed. If you were writing a job application, you might describe your personal qualities, your educational qualifications and why you would be suited to the position. In a reference letter you describe someone's characteristics or skills in order to help them get a job, placement or position.
Remember that if you do not know the recipient, your letter will be their first impression of you.
Lastly, it is best to type a business letter, so that the reader does not have to interpret any messy handwriting or muddled words.

They could be a letter applying for a job, posing a question to your local member of parliament, or sending an enquiry to a company or organisation. This will identify you to the recipient and provide them with an address to answer your letter.
You should start with an introduction to explain why you are writing, followed by the main part of your message, which will contain the detailed information. Maybe you would like to write to your local council asking them to provide a skate park, or you might be applying for a job to earn some money during the school holidays.
While these terms are unacceptable in business letters, there are many common letter-writing abbreviations which can be used. If one of your friends was being considered for election to the student council, you might write a letter to your principal describing why they would be suited to a leadership position. You would send a letter of appreciation to someone in a senior position, such as your principal or the chairperson of a company. Perhaps you have heard about a fun holiday program and would like to find out more about it.
You might receive one saying that a teacher is leaving your school, a new teacher is arriving, or perhaps announcing an engagement, wedding or birth.

If you are writing to someone official, such as a chairperson or a member of parliament, remember to be respectful and use formal language. It also looks more professional if you are writing a job application, or a letter to your local council. Your household might sometimes receive letters from your local council alerting you to something happening in your suburb or community. If you do not know the name of the person to whom you are writing, you could use "Dear Sir", or "Dear Madam", as appropriate.
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