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How to impress a girl tips and ways to impress a girl which smile you and make you laugh and also tell you how to impress boys. Eid ul adha bakra eid funny pictures which are very hilarious and you can send these eid pictures to your friends and family to say eid mubarak with style.
Manmohan singh funny photo in makeup which is very hilarious and this indian politician political humor smile you to say what a funny indian prime minister. Currency of pakistan funny joke like a boss which is hilarious and this money converter of pakistan currency funny style smile you to say what a funny currency exchange.

Indian girls funny party which is very hilarious and this school girls party funny photo smile you and you say what are funny girls tomato party.
Usually children loves to tell jokes to their friends, family and other relatives, but sometimes mature and old people also use these jokes when they want to go back in their childhood. Every group of friends has a humorous person who always grasps the attention of everyone and keeps the atmosphere pleasant.
So today I am going to post some hilarious and hell funny jokes which will definitely make you laugh.

I hope you like them and also share these jokes with your friends and family and have a good time.

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