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The most common types of criminals who need to launder money are drug traffickers, embezzlers, corrupt politicians and public officials, mobsters, terrorists and con artists. Placement - At this stage, the launderer inserts the dirty money into a legitimate financial institution. A­A­Money laundering is a crucial step in the success of drug trafficking and terrorist activities, not to mention white collar crime, and there are countless organizations trying to get a handle on the problem.
Caption: Former Family Bank CEO Peter Munyiri who helped NYS Thieves Launder Looted Funds at a  10% Commission.
Corruption has now become the Gospel in Kenya, and the chief priest is William Ruto who always stands in a church podium telling Kenyans that his rise to prominence is purely Gods work and dumb Kenyans nod their heads in agreement.
We always urge corrupt folks to humble and lie down like an envelope  like Jimnah Mbaru who knows he is a scum of the earth and never says God has helped him reach where he is.
This site has been recommending that people who have stolen poor Kenyans Bucks face the firing squad as Kenyans cheer, but we have been accused of being inhumane and inconsiderate. That explains why former Family Bank CEO Peter Munyiri is a free man despite mountains of evidence that have revealed that he was the mastermind of the NYS Scandal. Why we always tell Kenyans never to believe the Kenyan media that thrives on Lies and propaganda. To mock poor Kenyans, Peter Munyiri started operating a Microfinance lending institution immediately he was fired from the family bank because of the NYS Scandal. The Besieged EACC Chairman Philip Kinisu who has refused to go despite being embroiled in many scandals is the man covering up for Peter Munyiri as he fights for his life not to face money Laundering and NYS Fraud charges.

Peter Munyiri is using the money he got bribed by brokering NYS deals to bribe parliamentary committee members investigating the matter to ensure that Philip Kinisu remains at EACC So that he can go on with the cover up.
Reports that cannot be independently verified have alluded that Munyiri has bribed all accountability institutions .
Drug traffickers are in serious need of good laundering systems because they deal almost exclusively in cash, which causes all sorts of logistics problems. In the United States, the Department of Justice, the State Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency all have divisions investigating money laundering and the underlying financial structures that make it work. He was fired and launched a microfinance institution using the commissions he got from the Looted NYS Billions. The 8-4-4 system messed up with many Kenyans brains that they only care about the language in an article instead of looking at the bigger picture. Peter Munyiri, Together with Waiguru and Ben Gethi the thief Jeff Koinange was bribed to sanitize on JKL Should be in Jail for Looting from Poor Kenyans. Brown envelope Journalists like TerryAnne Chebet and Wallace Kantai have terrorized this nation for brown envelopes. Even before the NYS Scandal is over, this Looter has already started operating a microfinance institution.
The Scheming and sly former family bank CEO is a man under siege as many people have started questioning why he is walking free yet small fish like Kabura are being harassed. Not only does cash draw the attention of law-enforcement officials, but it's also really heavy.

This is the riskiest stage of the laundering process because large amounts of cash are pretty conspicuous, and banks are required to report high-value transactions.Layering - Layering involves sending the money through various financial transactions to change its form and make it difficult to follow. That is why a Kenyan journalists will say Munyiri was the real deal because of a brown envelope. For instance, the Mpigs have been bribed by betting companies to shoot down a bill that would have allowed the probing of betting companies because many of them are being used to launder money.
Cocaine that's worth $1 million on the street weighs about 44 pounds (20 kg), while a stash of U.S. Layering may consist of several bank-to-bank transfers, wire transfers between different accounts in different names in different countries, making deposits and withdrawals to continually vary the amount of money in the accounts, changing the money's currency, and purchasing high-value items (boats, houses, cars, diamonds) to change the form of the money. Because global financial systems play a major role in most high-level laundering schemes, the international community is fighting money laundering through various means, including the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), which as of 2005 has 33 member states and organizations. This is the most complex step in any laundering scheme, and it's all about making the original dirty money as hard to trace as possible.Integration - At the integration stage, the money re-enters the mainstream economy in legitimate-looking form -- it appears to come from a legal transaction.
The United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund also have anti-money-laundering divisions. It's very difficult to catch a launderer during the integration stage if there is no documentation during the previous stages.

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