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One of my goals with this space, is to educate others on ways to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.
On Saturday as I was walking to the fitness center for a short workout before yoga, there was a slight drizzle but as I continued to walk it started raining harder and harder. While this year I decided to focus more on monthly goals, I still had in the back of my mind that I wanted to read 6-12 books over the course of the year.
I was thinking about something the other day…When I got my first tattoo, it was this small treble clef on my left hip; it was my daily reminder that music is a huge part of my life and that regardless of where life takes me, not to lose that escape. I have to admit, I have been CRAVING pizza a lot lately so when I was sent back to Michigan after visiting my parents with a couple of eggplants, I knew exactly what I would be making: pizza. I’m a 20-something healthy-living and fitness fanatic, music industry professional and enthusiast, freelance writer and blogger. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. The so-called MegaFaces Pavilion, sponsored by MegaFon, consisted of 11,000 telescopic cylinders, each of which represented a pixel.

These are the movie posters for Danish director Lars von Trier‘s up-coming movie Nymphomaniac.
This wonderful photo series is called Identities, and is made by London-based photographer Ana Oliveira. This series of portraits called “Scotch Tape” is created by New Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman, who captured a wide range of funny expressions of people with scotch tape affixed to their faces.
My Spanish friends, now living and working at an agency in Sydney, Australia, made this commercial for Mamia Nappies. Such beautiful pieces! Brazilian-born artist Harding Meyer lives and works in Berlin and Karlsruhe where he paints these large-scale oil portraits.
It’s not that the topic isn’t important (it is!) but the right words haven’t been attached to the idea yet. I like for people to realize just how accessible and easy it can be, while also helping them see all the different aspects of a healthier lifestyle and things to take into consideration that they may not have otherwise thought…. According to Mens Fitness… A deload is a period of time in which you take things easier in the gym by lifting lighter weights or reducing your training volume.

And as it did so, the smile on my face got larger and larger and I found myself laughing and smiling and laughing and smiling. As on a pin screen, the cylinders could extend to form the shape of the faces, and LED lights at the ends of the cylinders added the proper color and shading. Salgado’s large-scale figurative paintings are comprised of deftly placed smears and drips of spray paint that charge each work with gritty, almost intangible hints of energy.
It is an ongoing collaboration between make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan and Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov.
The idea started a year ago while wrapping christmas gifts with his assistant as the two started goofing around with tape. Deloads typically last a week and encourage recovery before another period of harder training with heavier loading.

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