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The incident occurred in Temple Bar on Saturday the 25th of January when Fergus Massey, 22, went into shock while queuing for an ATM in the popular tourist hell-hole. The yong gason from Crum Co. Eager to get to the bottom of this era-defining moment, we spoke that friend to see just what scrambled the poor sod-jockeys brain. Before we went to print, The Potato learned that Fergus Massey died in hospital following a massive brain aneurysm that occurred while receiving a bed bath from a Filipino male nurse.
The moment you see this face you know what smiley face on Whatsapp  (Emojis) it’s copying.

Bella Thorne Fits in Work out on Studio Lot in Between Busy Schedule – Check out Her Abs! While singing "Adore You" during her Bangerz Tour concert in Los Angeles on Saturday, Cyrus, dressed in a sparkling black cat suit and platform heels, came down from the stage and locked lips with Perry, who was sitting in the front row.
Although the backstory has been around for years, it wasn't until the writer behind feminist blog Crates and Ribbons posted about the photograph that the story resurfaced.
By the way, there actually is a photograph of a real couple, kissing after the sailor returns home.

I dragged him out of the line and sat him down in case he keeled over and split his face open.
I found these hilarious Emoji faces by a French advertising agency against child cyber crime.

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