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Discover the exact how-to secrets that will make her can’t get enough of you using these 3 tips on how to keep the girl interested in you.
I've been in a similar situation countless times: you start dating a girl, but no matter what you do or not do, her interest seems to vanish with time.
With tons of time spent in trials of different ideas I made the distinctions and found some things that actually work. And they work well!
Women know whether you have some kind of a drive in your life or you’re not doing anything meaningful. PS If you still don't know how to open consistently, check this article on how to approach a girl you like.
Join over 90,000 people who receive our exclusive weekly tips on how to attract and bed women, PLUS get a FREE 2 hour Crash Course that will change the way you think about dating and success with women for the rest of your life! Every day I get dozens of emails from guys around the world wondering why some girl suddenly lost interest in them. Have you ever had a girl who was once hot for you get cold and distant within a couple weeks? The second part of keeping the attraction going is being able to continually flip her attraction switches during your time hanging out with her. Remaining mysterious- and not letting her know whether or not you want to be her boyfriend.. And there is this one girl (uh oh!)…She has given me the gift of missing her on more than occasion. Yeah,yeah- the first time I was hardly convinced coz’ I knew that I suck with women, in fact- I suck at socializing and many of my peers branded me a weirdo. Then after a few days I asked her for her cellphone number and she gave it to me right away.. 4 ol of u i can f*** any girl but they never call me back but when they see me with girl… they go cryzy so what is the probelm with them? Stevee, I am not Bobby’s editor, just a customer of his, but why talking out of your butt?
I’ve tried the OPPOSITE of what you said and THAT way worked out, all you have to do is be kind, nice, and stand up for her!
This is so true …the chicks I have dated that I am not interested in fall head over heels for me and when I meet a awesome chick and do exactly the opposite of what is written here, she is soon to be gone, not sure, and or it dies on the vine.
Look i got obssessed with a girl now she dont want me and im burning like a MOTHER FUCKING DRAGONS FIRE BOILING SOME WHITE MANS ASS RRAAAAAAHHH SHITT..

Im qe years old and it work for me and i think everybody should use this method to get girl’s . But as soon as I caught feelings for her, and professed my love to her and started acting pussy whipped! I have a questions for you, how do you fix it if you screwed it up on the first time you text her? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If another woman steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him. Watch her get addicted, knowing that it’s practically impossible she would even consider dating another man. These practical guidelines are effective in any situation: whether you want to keep a quality girl in your life, or you’re having a long distance relationship or you just want to date multiple girls at the same time.
They can see it! Over the long-term this factor will determine her level of interest in the relationship.
This means the source of your drive can be anything other than the quest of satisfying all her wants and needs and spending every minute of your time together. You might have gotten the feeling that she was doing it consciously and that it’s not because there was a real issue.
Since she always will, you might as well embrace it and enjoy the little confrontations when they appear. If I had to guess why, I would say that you got too comfortable too quickly, and stopped PLAYING THE GAME. As of now I started to feel confident about my conversation abilities, but not to the extent of talking to a group.
I am very insecure, but from the comments made by others, and things he says, I think he might like me. Girls want what they can’t have (which is probably what you guys did to get her attracted 2. We had strong eye contact lasting more than a few seconds…I did not go back to the store after that for a few weeks. Thousands of rsdnation members who struggle with the same challenges as you and me were involved in the process.
Even if you “entice” her to go out on a few dates with you, sooner rather than later she will notice whether you’re passionate about something or not.

Women don’t worry so much what it is that you love doing, they don’t even care if you’re that good in it compared to others. Reason being, she’s unconsciously searching for the vibe of a man who is “on his own path” and who doesn’t center everything around her. Let’s say you’ve decided to go to the gym today and your girl starts trying to persuade you (or even emotionally blackmail you) to go to the movies with her instead. Will you submit to her destructive (by your value system) demands or will you do what you really want?
This is easier said than done, but when you learn to put yourself first she'll become more respectful and interested in you.
But it’s about more than that- women will often try to create drama and emotional turmoil in the relationship.
I don’t do MANY of the things you say, because as you mentioned as one case, I am very shy. I researched and tried most of the popular ideas you can find on mainstream websites- only to notice NO change in my results. You know that by your value system going to the gym is the right thing and you don’t really want to watch a movie.
Sounds like a conflicting statement here, according to your versing and all against what you’re preaching. But this article is no use for a relationship, all it will get you is a one nighter with a slut or some chick with OCD who must understand everything, including you. I am of course polite, thoughtful and engage her in interesting conversation – as she does me.
And as for the not stopping the games even if I think the relationship is far enough I don’t need them anymore. We were however both open and honest about our feelings for each other right from the start.

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