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Ever since the original Pokemon Red and Blue, Poke Balls have played a central role in the experience, as you battle Pokemon and capture them in said balls. The good news is that you are gifted more Poke Balls every time you level up, so as long as you are consistently catching Pokemon, you should have a steady supply early. Thankfully, there are PokeStops all around the place that you can typically find more Poke Balls at.
As long as you are careful, you should be okay with your Pokemon supply, but it is very important to make sure of all the options you have available to you, especially with the reusable PokeStops. Throughout Pokemon’s 20 year history, one of the most well known of them all is easily Eevee.
Pokemon Go allows players to form up into teams, taking on Gyms and helping each other out in times of need. Pokemon Go is finally here, and one almost every gamer’s wishlist is to get their favorite starter Pokemon. It honestly is starting to seem like almost everyone is playing Pokemon Go right now, even those that have not touched the series in years. The absolutely incredible popularity of Pokemon Go just seems to be getting even bigger as the days go on, and with each passing day we learn even more about the game itself.
We’ve shown you how to train your Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but when should you do the two actions that allow you to make your Pokemon stronger? Our sixtieth instalment of Dope Shots features plenty of aesthetically pleasing snapshots that will shock, stimulate and soothe your eyeballs. Probably you may already know that there is no good working GTA 5 online cheats so your best bet is to follow our hints and tips to make the most out of your gaming efforts.
You will spawn back in the same store at the same spot except the world will have refreshed.
StevenWongo of Reddit also made this very useful visual guide for the mission Mixed Up with Coke. At Rank 75 you’ll unlock a mission called Rooftop Rumble from a guy named Martin Madrazo (he leads a Mexican narcotic gang in the Los Santos area). If you have more than $5,000 cash on you, you could lose everything above that amount (ie everything but the first $5K) if another player kills and robs you.
Your GTA Online character has one “action” command available for you to assign and which can be activated by clicking both of the analog sticks in (L3 + R3). No matter if you are winning or losing while doing an activity, you will still earn RP and some cash reward for finishing the game. If you want to get in the air in GTA Online you’re going to need either a plane or a helicopter.
Check out this second map created by HaIfpint that shows all the aircraft spawn locations in GTA Online. With the 5% cash death penalty in GTA Online it is nearly always better to buy armor at the start of each session and keep it maintained. Attack the hangar from both sides and then as soon as you can, move the truck that is in front of the aircraft (blocking it). If you’re being slipstreaming in GTA Online (like as the leader and someone is about to over-take you) then line up the car behind you and brake slightly, accelerating just as you hit the car behind you. This might seem a little obvious, but if you get killed when carrying a load of cash and the console has not yet synced to the servers, quickly shut it down to avoid your lost funds being saved.
Just a quick note – even though you might have noticed there are spaces for six bicycles in your garage in GTA Online you can only store a maximum of three, and in fact we don’t recommend even trying to go above this limit given all the previous issues with players loses vehicles and mods etc… you never know what might happen!

Here’s a helpful hint – if you press down on your digital pad twice then a large version of the minimap will be bought up. While you are in cover, press the left analog stick upwards and the target reticule will appear.
If you want to choose the color of your new BMX then you need to purchase it during the same browser session as you purchase a car. Right after you spawn you should see a building that looks a trailer, and it’s against a wall that has a telephone pole at one end and a clear view of the gate and also the bus at the other.
The only thing is that it isn’t actually flush against the wall and there is a gap between it and the building!
So what you need to do is get in cover behind the building and then enemies should not even be able to hurt you.
You are able to select who you want killed (ie place a bounty) once you reach level 10 in GTA Online. If you’re looking for bulldozers in the city then head to the location indicated on the map below and you should find there’s usually about four bulldozers there waiting for you to take joyriding! If you press down on your digital pad while you’re inside a garage then the stats of each vehicle in the garage will be shown.
You can change clothes on-the-fly by simply pressing and holding Back (Xbox 360) or Select (PS3), then choosing inventory. Press Start and then go to “Online” –> “Options” to change your spawn point location in GTA Online. Not only will putting on a mask prior to committing a crime help you to remove a Wanted Star later on when the Police come looking for you, but there are other accessories that work too.
Blizzard's Overwatch is in beta right now and with Blizzcon 2015 starting today, we expected we'd probably hear more about the hero-based arena shooter. Origins Edition is a special limited edition of the game, coming with five hero skins featuring Pharah, Reaper, Tracer, Bastion, and Soldier 76 in their original Overwatch strike force forms. On the Blizzcon stage, Blizzard also announced three new heroes for the game, D.Va, Mei, and Genji, all of whom are of Asian descent. The inclusion of skins mean Blizzard does have an additional way to make money from the game if they so desire, selling additional looks for each of the characters. It's interesting how far we've come when we're surprised that a game isn't free-to-play and we're inevitably waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Having healed through hundreds of games, Jaz offers his perspective on the good and not-so-good habits of Overwatch players.
These games allowed you to purchase Poke Balls with in-game money in stores, as well as finding some on the overworld, which is kind of how Pokemon Go handles it as well.
However, you will very quickly see how fast these disappear as you start throwing them at Pokemon, especially when you’re getting used to the timing. When you are mostly getting duplicate Pokemon and the leveling slows down, it can be a bit more of a problem though. As we told you in another guide, PokeStops are based on real world locations and when you find one, you will get items that usually include more Poke Balls.
If you do not have any of these around you to where its convenient to stock up, there is also the option to outright purchase more Poke Balls with Poke Coins, which you can earn by staying on top of a gym or with real world money.
Nintendo and Niantic have a few microtransactions built into Pokemon Go, allowing players to jump ahead of others by buying Pokecoins.
But you don’t want any Pokemon, I mean what kind of a trainer are you if you just have a bunch of Weedles and Pidgeys?

For many this is Charmander, others prefer Squirtle, and the select few Pokemon connoisseurs stick with Bulbasaur. The game has a ton of different Pokemon to catch, and tons of new and different gameplay mechanics to mess with.
What you need to do is basically kill 5 people and it’s done, and the video clip below will show you how to complete it in the most efficient way possible. Luckily we found the map below, courtesy of stonedpimpso, that should guide you to the spawn location of all air vehicles in GTA Online. Simply do the race by yourself and you can complete it in around 1 min 10 seconds and earn 2,225 RP. This should cause you to gain momentum while at the same time the other car will slow down. Beware though, it will also cause your character’s head to pop out of cover a little bit, so you might get hit. The store item tells us that Overwatch is expected for release on or before June 21, 2015, but Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed onstage that Spring 2016 is the planned launch window. You also gain access to Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, a Baby Winston pet in World of Warcraft, a Hearthstone card back, Mercy's Wings in Diablo III, and Starcraft II in-game portraits featuring Overwatch characters. They've already flexed that muscle with the Widowmaker skin for pre-purchase and the Origins Edition skins. The truth is gamers are used to major publishers trying to wring every dollar out of our wallet. A place where movies actually feel like being at the movie theater and video games feel as real as they can possibly get. It can take up to 15 minutes to do the first few times, but once you get it down pat with a couple of friends average run times are about 1 minute! Using the method shown in the vid it’s possible to earn up to $2 million and 400K RP per hour. Simply turn around 180 and walk backwards and you should have a much greater angle to work with. Check where the police are located, anticipate where they’re going and then attempt to evade them accordingly. Most players expected that Overwatch would be free-to-play like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, but now we know that's not the case.
I expect we'll probably see more skins in the future and potentially paid expansions with further maps and game modes. Unfortunately not all of us have the space or money for this type of major high-tech upgrade, but for those that can spare a room and a few extra dollars on a high-tech project — creating a high-tech Home theater of your own, may very well be the most fun and rewarding experience.
The video below shows you exactly what to do (from each of the 4 player participant’s perspectives) in order to get the mission time this low.
Probably most useful is the eat snack one – very handy if you’ve stocked up on candy bars and are in the middle of a gun fight!
You’ll need a level 45 (to access the mission) as well as at least one level 19 and two level 9s.

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