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In order to avoid such malicious outcomes, social media should never be conducted on whim, without a plan, blindly, irresponsibly.
Analyzing is definitely the most crucial part of any social campaign and the overall strategy. I completely agree with you in that social media has yet to gain the full respect of some marketers, which is a bit shocking given its prevalence in today’s society. Receive 12 weeks of training with insurance marketing and online lead generation strategies I usually only share inside my private mastermind program.
To reach your full potential you must be willing to make some tough decisions in your life, and in your business.
As you begin to grow and become truly successful you will begin to separate yourself from other people, there is a certain aura that you will posses that will put you in a position of leadership. From today forward you must remove those who make excuses for their lack of success, from people who talk about what they want and are unwilling to take action to get it, from people who speak negativity, and from people who are not a champion for your own success. TODAY you need to make the decision to give 110% because you can’t afford to have a bad day. You have to be so obsessed with your goals that you don’t want to participate in anything that is not moving your toward those goals. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make, and that honestly I was guilty of making for many year is thinking incrementally. I don’t even know if Tonja realizes the profound impact this conversation had on my life.
I remember very clearly standing on the porch of the home I just purchased in 2008 and being afraid of average.
I made a decision that day and I remember telling my wife, We are just like everyone of them. Most people want to be successful and make more money but they don’t know WHY they want it. It sounds like an easy task but I dare you to spend an hour to really evaluate yourself and your why. There are so many people I have talked with this year that are afraid to take a risk on themselves. The point I want to make here is that you can’t be so egotistical that you keep the right alignments out of your life. I DARE YOU TO : Share this post with someone that you think might help them grow as a person.
Sean Matheis founded Agency Alliance, the elite mastermind program for insurance agents, and The Millionaire Masterminds with the most recognized celebrities & professional athletes on their coaching roster.
Those who think, or act, otherwise may get lucky for a certain amount of time, but eventually their good fortune will likely run out. A defined strategy must be in place with detailed knowledge of social networks, audience, goals and objectives.
Peruse the different points along the journey and let us know your thoughts, suggestions, questions or critiques in the comments section below.
His previous work experience includes serving as a Social Media Manager for a digital media agency in Chicago, working on accounts for several large retailers and an insurance organization.

Many missteps in managing a brand’s social presence can be attributed to a failure of recognizing importance ongoing analysis before and after each step. Additionally, many businesses may simply not have the time, resources, knowledge or confidence to make all the necessary stops along the social media journey. This is actually very personal because it serves as a reminder to myself that I plan to read every day. I Dare you to make this year the biggest year of your life by reading this every single day and live it.
There are things in your life that you know you need to remove if you plan to go to the next level. Its not about thinking you are better than other people, but you MUST know how to identify those who bring out only the very best in you. Your family depends on you to give your all, your clients depend on your to give you all, and your company depends on your to give your all. I had a conversation with a mentor & friend of mine Tonja Waring (look her up) that has stuck with me every day and is a key to why I am successful today. I listened to her, I wrote it down, I stayed laser focused on the end result, I busted my ass every day, and some of the most amazing things began to happen in my life.
In 2008 I am 23yrs old, I just purchased my 2nd home, I have 3 cars, and money in the bank. You need MOTIVE to be successful; you need to know what is the driving force behind the machine that is you. I DARE YOU To: Take the time to reflect on what you have just read, read it again, and make today the beginning of a brand new life for you.
When this inevitably occurs, social media becomes a liability, exposing the brand, personality or organization to an inconsistent image, negative sentiment, poor customer service and the like. All social media managers must know where they are currently standing and must know exactly where they’re heading down the road. Prior to that, Cj was managing social media and online PR for clients of a firm serving franchise concepts throughout the United States and Canada. Recognizing that it is a valid marketing avenue is the first step to taking the Social Media RoadTrip! In such cases, agencies like Dealer Product Services are glad to step in and maximize the many benefits that a strategic social presence may have for an organization and its bottom line. I was explaining to Tonja that I was struggling with setting higher income goals because I felt like I was completely maxed out and didn’t believe that I could possibly sell anymore in a given week as one person.
I didn’t know at that time that I would be working with and traveling all over the world with celebrities and professional athletes. I would do something great in my life, I decided that my kids would not live an average life. How can you possibly expect your prospect to take a risk on hiring you when YOU won’t even take a risk on you?
I explained that we may not be the best fit for him but there are lots of good coaching programs out there and he should strongly consider working with someone who could help him in his business. It is never too late to reach the top, it is never too late to take action, and it is never too late to make a change.

In turn, this may decrease the organization’s sales, profitability, employee retention and morale, among other factors that could significantly degrade overall operations and the bottom line. In other words, a social media road map is crucial to not get lost along the way, know exactly where you are and precisely get where you’re going.
In the Road Map, the first step was to Analyze: this is crucial to learn what trends are applicable for the market, understanding the competition and recognizing the successes and failures of Social Media methods. You are only mildly successful because you have not remained laser focused every single day. If you want to live your dream you need to surround yourself ONLY with those who are relentlessly pursuing their dreams.
You have to want to reach your goals more than you want to hang out, more than you want to watch tv, and even more than you want to sleep. Tonja said to me “Sean you have fallen into a trap that ever business person and particularly males fall into. I had no idea that I would start a coaching business and hire celebrities to coach thousands of sales professionals all over the world. It hit me when I see 1,000 other homes in the subdivision just like mine, It hit me that I haven’t done ANYTHING amazing at all, it hit me that I was an average American living in a subdivision with 1,000 other families just like mine. My parents lived an average life, their parents lived and average life, It is up to me to create a legacy. He began to tell me of all the new and innovative approaches he was putting into place for the next year.
What separates the good from the great is the people who are good that are willing to learn from and follow the  people that are great. Success breeds success and it’s necessary that you attract people who are hungry for success, people who will push you to be better, people who are living their dreams.
I had no idea that I would partner with Ryan Stewman and pioneer how sales training are done or that companies all over the world would ask us to create sales programs for them.
I dare you to stop acting like you have all the answers and align yourself with the right people so that you can achieve YOUR full potential. You see that last sentence hasn’t happened yet but I just spoke it into existence and IT WILL COME TO PASS. So I said “Sir with all due respect you have been in this business for 12 years and I work with people who are doubling your production with just a fraction of the experience.
How long do you plan to continue to chase your own tail coming up with new ideas and strategies before you let someone who already has the answers help you?” He tried to tell me again about how someone else was doing these new things he was going to try and that he was going to make it work THIS TIME. I replied “Sir you can’t tell me that in 12 years this is the first time you had a NEW STRATEGY that you were going to implement that was going to work. Finally, the guru lets the young man up just before he passes out from being held under water.

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