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I am an odd ball I have no clear allegiance to any show or vidiogame or movie which means i like star wars or anime but everyone thinks im not a warsy or otaku and neither do. Bio: Satsuki was 11 when she was sold to be a slave, she was being slaved by a good master but then he past away when she was 18, now shes off to find someone new to be her master.
Ben quietly looked around the slave market, trying to decide which slave to buy for his birthday.
Satsuki sits in her cage nibbling on her carrot, she then spots a younge looking boy "Oh, what a cutie" she giggles as she said to herself, she keeps her eyes on him and grins mischeviously. Ben, at this point, caught a whiff of Satsuki's scent and turned towards her, starting to drool slightly as he caught sight of the bunnygirl. Satsuki glanced at the boy again and found him looking at her with his tail wagging, she giggled softly "Cute" she mumbled to herself, she wonderd if he was going to be her new Master, but she didnt want to get her hopes up so she continued to nibble on her carrot at she leaned on her cage. Ben walked over to the man selling the bunny-girl and spoke to him for a moment before giving him some money and gaining Satsuki's ownership papers in return.
Satsuki crawled out of her cage with her carrot in her mouth, she then sits up perfectly straight when she became only inchs away from him, Satsuki looks up at him.
Benjamin's eyes were currently riveted to Satsuki's swaying behind, and his tail kept wagging as his mind dove headfirst into the gutter. On the other hand, Earth Day (Lenin’s Birthday!) is so progressive that it offers guilt and more guilt!
So come on, comrades, what are you willing to confess and give up in the days left before Earth Day?
Latest PostsBlack Families in Georgia Are Rejecting Public School by Annie HolmquistAugust 18, 2016 - 11:46 AMDonald J. Build Outposts in your Civilization’s controlled CZs to control the World with strategic points of defense. Level-up Heroes, Merchants, and Missionaries as you build, trade, and battle across the globe.
Compete in PvP combat to unlock our thorough our powerful Talent system, further specializing your player. Use Religious Sites and Missionaries to spread your cultural influence and receive production bonuses.
The beauty of this browser game is that it is completely free to play, takes no download (for those of us enslaved by content workplace filters) and has such depth it?s hard to get bored. Earlier today Chandler Burr revealed that the second installment in his Untittled series for OpenSky was Mugler Cologne. How did Mugler and Alberto Morillas, his perfumer, managed to reach this level of futurism with classic and sunshiny notes such as citrus and white musk? Mugler Cologne 2002 ad via (photographed by Thierry Mugler himself, photoshopped by who knows who). As a long time fan of Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes formula I shouldn't have been surprised with the awesomeness of the new shades that were released recently. Bottom Line: as always, wonderful product, annoying applicator, still worth it for the stunning results. NARS is releasing (available starting tomorrow) a reformulated and re-engineered eyeliner stylo. Abu Dhabi from The Scent of Departure line (an offshoot of Histoires de Parfums) is a little like Abu Dhabi the city: a fantasy place that takes pretty things (many quite big and impressive) and puts them together against a beautiful sea and desert backdrop.
Abu Dhabi is slightly sweetened amber fragrance that starts as a citrus-floral, becomes spicy woody and dries down into a light oriental.
Abu Dhabi has a modern lightness that can work as a gateway to serious amber and oriental perfumes. Scent of Departure perfumes are available at Henri Bendel in NYC as well as from IndieScents and BeautyHabit. Double Wear Cream Eye Shadow in Mochachino (24) is exactly as the name implies: a medium-light brown. While I use this cream eye shadow often and generously (and have been doing so for three months or so) I've barely made a dent in the pot, so it's not wasteful in any way.
I was looking for recent price and size information for tonight's planned perfume review when I realized the fragrance in question is no longer in production.
In any case, Fath's Love is a gorgeous sexy perfume and my decades old miniature bottle surprises me every time with its vitality and robust body.
Taking a quick break from fall items and new collection to look at a very summery (and permanent) eye single eye shadow by Le Metier de Beaute.

The texture of Tuscan Sunset is among the best in the LMdB line: soft, rich and almost creamy.
Le Metier de Beaute single eye shadows ($30) are available from select department stores (Neiman, Bergdorf, Saks), as well as online. He literally ran over to Satsuki's cage and opened it, tail wagging as he eyed her, drooling slightly as he admired her lustfully. We’re not talking about Christmas or Easter or Yom Kippur, we’re talking about Lenin’s Birthday!Now some outdated, religious traditions include themes of guilt and forgiveness.
See, in this advanced, highly evolved, and inclusive belief system, you are guilty before Gaia for exhaling and destroying her atmosphere, turning it into an “open sewer” to quote the Prophet Algore (PBUH). Snail Games USA has brought the best from their debut MMO Heroes of Gaia and injected it into an arena of quick wit and carnage.
It was a good choice, I guess, for this weird and unpleasant summer as attention span and patience are at an all time low.
The marketing materials claim that there's a secret ingredient, something they called "S-note". Spock?
If you use upwards of 2 ml per application it will last for several hours, making you feel nicely laundered and thoroughly scrubbed if that's what you're after.
So let's cleanse our palate with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attending the UK's Creative Industries Reception at Royal Academy of Arts in London.
I already knew that they were long-lasting, kind to my skin, easy to work with and blend (just ignore the built-in applicator.
But it's hard to describe this shade and the way it looks on skin, enhancing eye color and providing a focal point.
Some of the notes in this Scent of Departure perfume stand out and poke the nose a little at various times (geranium and cedar in particular); there's also something artificial about the way all the elements are combined, but despite the synthetic aftertaste it's still very pleasant to wear and not very demanding. They ship worldwide and I highly recommend their knowledgeable customer service for any questions and advice.
The formula of Lauder's Double Wear range is hard-working, creamy, blendable and kind to my skin.
Since this is (was?) an indie and very niche perfume and apparently a limited edition (I somehow missed the memo on the last fact) I don't feel right posting about it. Tonight I wonder about the ones you did smell and wish with all your might that were still available. Of course I want all the grand chypres of yore, full of oakmoss and other impossible raw materials. However, ads and various packaging of this Jacques Fath perfume suggest an earlier date, probably around 1961. I don't know what the top notes may have smelled like originally, but Fath's Love opens up wonderfully spicy and potent. It smells aged, but not deteriorated and even the husband, who's not always the biggest vintage fan, gives his approval. I thank NARS Ramatuelle trio from spring for pushing me towards different shades and color combinations. The pigment intensity is wonderful- I swatched lightly (I swear), and you can see how bright and strong Tuscan Sunset looks.
Now with Gaia, there’s none of this nonsense about atonement, justification, or propitiation. It is by far the best looking MMO Strategy online yet, a full rich world that is free to play and will wreck havoc on the workplace in no time.
Probably not as he was half-human and Mugler Cologne is far too logical and emotionless even for a Vulcan. The price is certainly fair, but I admit that I much prefer the Old World charm of Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino with its Old World grime exactly because it has no traces of a laundromat. Kate wore a pretty Roksanda Ilincic spring 2011 dress, but the main thing is the beautiful chignon and some extra makeup. The previous NARS version wasn't what I expected, but it seems like a lot of thought and effort went into making the new liquid liner pens, giving them impressive longevity and pigment intensity. The result is sturdy, relatively thick, pleasantly soft, and very efficient for all the tasks I mentioned above.
It's still a good and useful one, but I prefer my Hakuhodo (I use them interchangeably and as a backup for each other). It's true to the promise of lasting from morning to night, makes an excellent base for powder eye shadow and plays well with other products.

Yes, I write regularly about long-gone vintage perfumes that were either discontinued or reformulated; I also talk about lost niche perfumes that were at one time in regular distribution. I smell cinnamon and maybe anise seed, but also a strong and  heady floral heart that has enough sweetness to hold its own against the spiciness. I'd say that if you like Quadrille and vintage Piguet perfumes you have a good reason to try and track Fath's Love. Unfortunately, after using up a full tube of the conditioner under various hair circumstances (heat, humidity, a day in the sun) I've come to realize that as much as I like the scent and the pleasant texture, my hair disagrees with me. That's what led me to try Le Metier de Beaute's Tuscan Sunset, a warm apricot color that leans more pink than the peach part of Ramatuelle. We are guilty before God and justly deserving of His punishment, but He lays our sins on His Son, Jesus Christ, and that by believing in Him we can find forgiveness of sin and eternal life. If it wasn’t for man, Bambi’s mother would be alive today instead of having her head mounted over some redneck’s fireplace desecrated with a bandanna and non-union manufactured sunglasses. One happy day, perhaps Next Tuesday™, our government will be empowered to recycle its non-productive, Earth exploiting citizens. So in the days leading up to Earth Day, you need to tearfully, publicly, and loudly proclaim your sins against Gaia. The first time you use the pen it takes quite a bit of effort to get the product out and you end up with way too much of it on your hands (literally). Sometimes I pat down the product with the G518 and blend  it into the base with the G520 that I just use for an all over application. I can't get enough of creamy eye makeup (liners and shadows lately), and Estee Lauder offers some beautiful wearable options with a flattering shimmer finish. Those of you with fair complexions and light colored eyes can take it in the other direction and pair Mocachino with champagne and gold. All of the above can be sometimes found here and there, sourced online in one form or another and one can hope to get at least a few drops of the Precious (even if it means selling your firstborn to the gypsies).
You’re guilty because you might drive an SUV, consume food, once used electricity, or maybe you’re just plain white. I love this very princess-like evening look (and hope that one day we'll get a real glimpse of the royal makeup bag). While her colors and texture can lend themselves to the most avant-garde editorial images (see the portfolio on her website), Ellis's products are meant to look as human and flattering as makeup can be. The gem I'm wearing today* is highly unlikely to turn up any time soon, so sadly I'm abandoning my review. It reminds me a little of vintage Quadrille by Balenciaga and has a similar evening gown aesthetics, as opposed to crisp and fast-paced floral aldehydes or dirty boudoirish animalic chypres from the same era. This way I get the conditioning treatment while getting rid of any residue that weighs my hair down.
My preference for pairing Tuscan Sunset is with soft matte neutrals (Le Metier de Beaute Clay or Canvas as well as some Rouge Bunny Rouge shades). You may have accessed healthcare to prolong your selfish, resource sucking life, and that means some poor minority child or kitten was denied healthcare – just because of you. That’s a big word, but what it means is that we get to decide who’s a burden to Earth Mother, and who isn’t. In so doing, you induce feelings of necessary guilt in others, and you get a smug sense of self-righteous satisfaction because you care more.
I highly recommend thoroughly cleaning the applicator with a makeup removing wipe to avoid clogging. The problem is that this takes quite a bit of time for a result I can get more quickly and with less products.
And Djedi, of course, but I'll have to let it go since we have the mighty Onda by Vero Perfumo, and it hits the same spot for me (and then some.
There are others I adore and miss, some only from memory, others live as hoarded bottles stashed away. The perfume I most want to see brought back even with a hefty (and deserving) price tag is Iris Gris by Jacques Fath.

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