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Because most people will build an apartment building, mansion or castle in which to house all their NPCs, it's worth noting we're really talking about individual room requirements here although the game refers to it as housing. You can move NPCs in and out using the housing interface, you cannot simply swap where they live though. An entrance - usually a door, but may be a platform or trap door set in the floor or ceiling. Houses couldn't be shorter than 5 blocks tall, else NPCs (and the player character) couldn't fit inside of them. Smallest Possible WidthFor a home that is tall, this formula doesn't work - I was not able to get a 5x12 home to work. Therefore, any room that is at least 12x5 or taller than 6x10 will work as a part of a larger house, so you can feel free to use your imagination. Largest Possible - a Common Cause of Unsuitable HousingSome players find that their house is actually too big! StructureThe walls that make up the house itself can be platforms, but are typically solid blocks (any kind but corruption, even dirt!) so as to keep monsters out and to be more pleasing aesthetically. For inner rooms in a larger home you may wish to use platforms for the ceiling so that you can jump up floors, as opposed to building stairs.
Wall SegmentsIf there are naturally-occurring dirt walls you must break them with a hammer and replace them with your own walls, even if you're making dirt walls. Placing Chairs, Tables, and other Objects the right directionThis trips people up sometimes. Build AnywhereIt is safer to build houses in the central portion of the map so that you do not risk meteorites landing on your precious constructs. Building Nice HomesI know very well from all the beautiful homes I've seen on the Terraria subreddit and elsewhere on the web that one of the best ways to make a nice looking home is to use better materials and not simply build in rectangular boxes.
Customize - Paint and WallpaperThe Painter NPC will allow you to purchase the paint brush (for painting blocks and objects), paint roller (for painting walls), and paint scraper (paint removal).
The 1.3 update to Terraria has finally arrived, and includes tons of new items to wire-up with the wiring system.
Instead of making things too complicated, here you’ll find simplified versions of instructions, with a little pertinent information to help you decide if these NPCs are worth the time. Many NPCs will only appear in Hardmode, and one NPC (the Cyborg) is your only ticket to getting the Portal Gun Station. NPCs serve a number of purposes and appear in your large home, town, fortress, or base after certain requirements are met. Even if you complete the requirements to summon the NPCs below, they won’t appear until the right combination of elements exist in your home. Sells guns and ammo and unlocks new items after killing the Eater of Worlds or the Brain of Cthulu. Hardmode initiates after the Wall of Flesh boss has been defeated in the deepest level of the world. Purchase purification powder from the Dryad NPC and use it on a tortured soul enemy in the Underworld biome.

Angler - official terraria wiki, The angler is one of the few npcs you can get without any requirements (also the guide, stylist and skeleton merchant), other than talking to him during his sleeping. The vendors who live in your town are sometimes necessary to craft powerful items that help you advance the game.
Building individual houses for each NPC takes more materials than combining them into a home and takes up much more space in your world.
If every house is full, you'd need an empty room to send one to in order to adjust where they live. I later would regret this design - monsters stormed directly through it and slaughtered NPCs every time there was an event. This gives exactly 30 spaces of room to live inside, because we take the walls and ceiling off and get 10 wide by 3 tall - exactly the height of your character.
If you have a large, well-designed house and it is not valid housing, consider the math - if the dimensions including walls, floor, and ceiling add up to 750 or higher, that's your problem. Using platforms stacked vertically for a wall (can't be stairs) you can actually skip a door because the home only needs an Entrance, not a door specifically.
If an NPC is going to live in the room above (with platforms for a floor), be sure to place at least one solid block that is not next to the door so they have a place to stand. In order to make a chair or other object face the way you want, for example up against a table, the direction it faces is based on the direction your character is facing.
But so too do tiki torches, ultrabright torches, and things like heart lanterns and stars in bottles. You can build in the air, as previously stated, and destroy the supports to make floating houses. Make columns, staircases, and craft actual decorative items if you're interested in making a nice looking house for your Terrarians. I hope I can help newcomers to get a bit more enjoyment ouf of Terraria by demystifying some of how it works. Houses cannot be located near Corruption or Crimson, and if the biome spreads too close, an NPC may move out. The Housing Menu also allows you to rearrange where NPCs live using flags.
The plant-boss appears after all three Mechanical bosses are defeated, and is summoned when a  large plant bulb is destroyed. The Frost Legion is initiated with a Snow Globe — open presents that drop as loot from enemies between Dec. Many new players will get a tutorial to build their first house, but may not realize other sizes work as well. Also, if NPCs die, they will not necessarily move back into the same place when they respawn. When we include the walls, floor, and ceiling, this becomes 60 but may vary depending on the dimensions. This means you can make a huge building and not use even one actual door, though you'll be inviting your NPCs to die often.
This will meet the flooring requirement since platforms count as entrances and NPCs don't want to stand in front of doors and get knocked in the face every time you come to sell loot.

Sometimes you can find a home that is already built, just add a torch and good to go - even underground, for example treasure rooms, so long as they are big enough..
If you want your houses to look better (I barely care at this stage but plan to try my hand at it) you can use precious materials to craft things like chandeliers and candles to light rooms. You can totally build underground if you want, but you'd have to eliminate all the dirt walls in the background only to replace them with your own.
My buildings here, made of stone and wood, just do not look as good as a granite or marble building might. I've yet to get into building immaculate palaces, but it can improve the look of even the most basic room to simply lay on a coat of paint and get away from the brown and grey of wood and stone. I found out so much about Terraria and the ways to develop and go further in the game, as well as just read interesting facts and awesomely written articles. For those who skipped this or wonder what works, I'm going to provide some clear and simple answers. Use the '?' Housing Query tool to click a space and determine if it meets the housing requirements. It's worth considering the floor because you can build a home in midair in Terraria and an NPC will happily live there. You may simply need to move one wall to the left or right and find that it is now suitable. Some players like to make basements and such to store their treasure or crafting rooms, so this is definitely worth knowing. Some paint colors he sells just do not seem to work on certain materials - like stone walls taking blue paint.
I am tied up with multiple projects - this, The Sims 4, and Fallout 4 but do plan to return to Terraria and finish the boss guides and some other pages. If you do build a tall house, make sure to use platforms so that you can go through or over it. You can have a few holes in the wall, but it's better to wait for glass (made with sand at a furnace) if you want proper windows - they count as walls, and you can make houses out of glass. You can put your most important NPCs in the back or center of a mansion where they will be safer against blood moons (during which zombies open doors) and other events, although a lot of bosses can go straight through walls - that's a good reason to have an arena for fighting bosses as opposed to doing it near your spawn point.
When I overhaul my main housing and make a new world that isn't butchered from all my testing, I will show something a little nicer here!
Use your imagination and create matching rooms, or even rooms that catch the eye and fit the theme of the NPC that lives there.

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