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A divided Supreme Court agreed Wednesday to temporarily block a lower court order that had cleared the way for a transgender male high school student to use the boys' bathroom in a Virginia public school this fall.
Democrats who came to Philadelphia this week fretting about party division say there is only one way to ensure Hillary Clinton wins in November: defining themselves as the party of national unity. A Colorado Navy veteran who identifies as neither male nor female has taken the State Department to court for refusing to administer a gender-neutral passport. Matthew Robert and Todd Daigle had seen a lot in five days of rescuing people from floodwaters near Baton Rouge. Then came Wednesday, when they encountered something new: a pack of cowboys and about 50 head of cattle. Marquardt, Professor of Medicine, Professor in Medicine-Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago Illinois.

Transgender athletes who transition from female to male can compete as men without having gender reassignment surgery. While transgender Olympians have been able to compete since 2004, in the past they had to have undergone surgery, at least two years of hormone therapy and had to possess legal documents from their home country that classified them as their chosen gender.Mosier began racing duathlons and triathlons in 2009. He'd finished his first marathon and wanted a new challenge, according to a release from Nike.

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