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Dvla brakes hard on lost tax disc revenue claims, The dvla also pointed to a report by the comptroller and auditor general sir amyas morse, who in the department’s annual in the 2014-15 financial year but only seven months’ payment in the 2015-16 financial year. Dvla brakes hard on lost tax disc revenue claims - The dvla also pointed to a report by the comptroller and auditor general sir amyas morse, who in the department’s annual in the 2014-15 financial year but only seven months’ payment in the 2015-16 financial year. Black incarceration hasn’t been this low in a generation - The quarter-century of data in the charts come from the bureau of justice statistics series of annual reports on the state and federal prison population.
Narrowing education equity gap in local schools - Willow oaks is part of the ravenswood city school district, which consistently reports test scores near district was more than $35,000 a year higher than that of teachers in the ravenswood district in the 2014-15 school year, according to eddata.. FRANCEPOST – Their spectacular action remains one of the most enduring images of 2015. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. The foundations of the alliance of Western states against the fighters of the Islamic state were asked at the Paris conference on Monday. Finding your first clients can sometimes be the toughest obstacle to overcome on the outset of starting your REVA Business. At REVA Academy, some of us at one time or another, have been in both roles, either as as a subcontractor or as the Lead VA utilizing a subcontractor. Do remember that the Virtual Assistant that hires you as a subcontractor (Lead VA ), IS your client and should be treated as a valued client. Don't lack the sense of urgency or attention to detail just because it is not YOUR client that you are doing task for. Do keep communication going in a regular basis. The key to a good subcontracting relationship is communication on both sides. Don't disappear. It is not cool to take on a project or task, and then disappear off the face of the earth with no communication.
Do read the instructions or directions for a project thoroughly. Many Lead VAs have worked hard creating  process documents with task instructions so that they do not have to repeat themselves. Do have realistic expectations about an acceptable subcontractor rate. Your subcontracting rate should be much less than the normal rate you charge your own clients, but still affordable and worth your while. Find out what's new with REVA Academy, hear about our sales first, and find out when new programs are coming your way. Check out Our Training ProgramsWhether you are brand new to the virtual assistant industry or real estate industry, we have a variety of programs available for your needs. Welcome To REVA AcademyWe are proud to offer you the courses you need to succeed as a highly skilled real estate virtual assistant. Not too long ago, I was trying to demonstrate how NOT taking full advantage of your 401k matching contributions offered by your employer was causing you to lose out on more money over the course of your career than you probably thought!
While it’s never too late to get your personal finances in order, one simple mistake I see people making all the time that kills me is when they wait as late as 5 to 10 years before they finally get with the program and start contributing enough to their retirement plan to get the full 401k matching from their employer. In this post, I’ll show you just how powerful taking advantage of your full 401k matching from your employer as early as possible can be for you.
My question – By age 65, who has more money?  The employee who saved early for only 10 years or the one that started late and saved for 30 years? Yes, if you assume an annualized average 8% return from investing those employer contributions in something like a stock market index fund, then Employee 1 will still have more money than Employee 2 even though Employee 1 hasn’t added to his investment plan in 30 years!
Can you imagine what the 401k matching contributions would look like if Employee 1 had continued to contribute to his employer plan throughout his whole career? Readers – Did you start getting your full 401k matching from your employer right away, or did you wait? An employer that has a 401k match is somewhat like getting an extra bonus of income that you were planning on saving anyways.
I’ve never had access to a 401(k), but you can bet when I do I’m signing up right away if there is any employer contribution! I don’t have a 401k but when I get it I plan on contributing the full amount to get the match (if they offer it).
Justin, since everything I do basically makes it into a spreadsheet, I could make charts and graphs all day long! I have made some dumb financial moves, but have always contributed to my IRA, to get the match at first, and now I max it out.
Truly, the overall decline from 2011 to 2015 is astonishing, and suggests that our economy is improving.
The federal bankruptcy courts publish detailed statistics on bankruptcy filings.  California has four federal judicial districts, with Fresno located in the Eastern District. What does this mean for the future?  Hard to tell, as the Central Valley remains in the grip of a years-long drought.  Agricultural revenues will remain depressed, which will not help the local economy. In this way, “a fiduciary relationship differs from the broader category of agency relationships.”  Prof. Yet this author disagrees with the conclusion that, “The fiduciary duty of unselfishness should be distinguished from duties that can exist outside the fiduciary setting, including the duties of care, good faith and fair dealing, and to refrain from misappropriation.”  The fact that these duties can be said to overlap with other obligations at law does not mean that we should exclude them from the list of duties found applicable once a fiduciary relationship is established. Such failure continued for two decades, but not without warning.  “One of the most egregious of SEC failure occurred on April 28, 2004, when the SEC voted to exempt investment companies from the SCC’s net capital rule . Wading hip deep into the debate over the standard of conduct applicable to investment advisors, author Kristina A. What she demonstrates is that the investment world is not equally knowledgeable about fiduciary standards, even at the highest levels of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which shows bone-headed ignorance regarding fiduciary obligations.

Now that is what the fiduciary standard really means – full, complete, and candid disclosure.  And that scares the heck out of Wall Street.
Yes, but don’t forget that those are aspects of the fiduciary obligation, in other words, the duties and consequences that flow from a finding that the parties occupy a fiduciary relationship. His new report raises a number of troubling issues, but none more so than the dissembling tactics of lenders. Prof White continues.  “This is because most lenders don’t modify mortgages or agree to short sales for homeowners who might continue making their payments absent such accommodation.
This is an updated report on the status the foreclosure crisis in Fresno County as of June 2010, based on anecdotal evidence.  In a word, it’s brutal for troubled borrowers. So, in order for HAMP to work, the lender has to admit it made a bad lending decision, and has to agree to eat part of the loss.  Sadly, given the availability of cash in the housing market, it’s easier for the lender to precipitate a foreclosure sale, then sell the property for the full amount of the loan and all delinquency charges, meaning that the lender is made whole, and the owner absorbs the entire loss. Thus, the federal loan modification program has been a profound failure.  This writer’s experiences with troubled borrowers have been similar. Jean Braucher, Humpty Dumpty and the Foreclosure Crisis: Lessons from the Lackluster First Year of the Home Affordable Modification Program (May 2010). It may be time for average persons to stop investing in the stock market.  I’ve been a big believer in the market over the years, and am familiar with the statistics showing how stock market investments have grown over the years.
But the evidence is mounting – and may now be overwhelming – that shows that the big players have rigged the markets. Try to get your arms around that point.  The derivatives market is 20 times larger than both the stock market and the GDP. That is simply insane unregulated capitalism.  Your 401k account goes into the tank, the stock market experiences unprecedented gyrations, and the big players make money hand over fist, at your expense.
But since it’s Valentines time again, having a partner in your life can be enriching, motivating, thrilling, rewarding and downright fun. Obviously, Michael overcame these obstacles as he now speaks to thousands, confidently with a natural charisma that entertains and inspires.
From meager beginnings in South Dallas and the “baby and first in his absurdly large family (his mother was the eldest of 13 siblings) to attend and graduate from college. In addition to writing a monthly column for The Senior Market Advisor (a national magazine) Michael is also a published Author for the popular book, The Women’s Investment Guide, a Member of MENSA since 1986 andSince his TV debut as a child, Michael has appeared on the Dallas, TX ABC, CBS and FOX television affiliates. Michael’s work earned the endorsement of celebrity William Shatner and he received the Keeping America Strong Award, presented by Navy Rear Admiral Kevin F. Living Beyond Rich is a fabulous book detailing the journey Jen McDonough and her family took to get out of debt (to the tune of $150,000) while also paying for some significant medical issues.A  The prevailing message is that if they can do it, so can you! If there was a place to borrow money, they used it to the max.A  Credit cards, 2nd mortgage, Personal loans, credit lines, 401k loans. Jen has a very engaging writing style and her personality shines through.A  She genuinely wants to live a life that is full of fun, awesomeness, prosperity, and joy. Aside from the McDonough family story, you’ll find short stories from several other people who have made the journey to debt freedom, and a whole bunch of tips and advice to help you complete your journey.
This entry was posted in Raun's Blog and tagged book review, debt free, jen mcdonough, journey, living beyond rich. Raun, that fun when you start out you thinking it is going to take FOREVER and then the time comes and you are DONE faster than you think.
When many Real Estate Virtual Assistants (or any Virtual Assistant) first start out, many times they turn to subcontracting for other VAs to get their feet wet in the industry and get some initial client work. Just because they happen to be a VA also, should not diminish their value as a an actual client of your business.
Take the work handed over to you from your Lead VA as seriously as you would from any other client.
When this happens, not only does the subcontracting VA look bad, it makes the Lead VA look very bad to their client. Many of your Lead VA's tasks given have deadlines given by their clients, and for a good reason. It is understandable that sometimes you may get stuck on a task or it is taking slightly longer than expected because it is unfamiliar or more information is needed.
Be proactive and help find solutions, or communicate the Lead VA well before the deadline about the challenge. Nothing is worse than having a sub take on a project and when things get sticky or they can't figure out a part of it, they just give up and email the Lead VA less than an hour before the deadline that "I couldn't figure this out, sorry!" and vanish. The Lead VA has spent much time, money and other resources in marketing to reach those clients, fostering the relationship with those clients, and project managing their tasks. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Our trainings range from complete real estate skills training, to virtual assistant business startup, and everything in between. Company X has a generous 401k matching plan where they will match a quarter of a percent for every 1 percent of your salary that you contribute to your 401k, up to 8%. He invests in his 401k plan to get the full match of $1,200, and he does this for the next 10 years.
He doesn’t invest in his 401k for every excuse you can imagine, and he passes up the free money 401k matching for the next 10 years. That’s just the power that compound interest has on investments and why time is such an important asset! I started pretty much right away in putting money in my 401k as the free money was just too hard to pass up.

I have a chart of my own where I track my 401k balance, along with several different graphs with various contribution scenarios.
Ribstein, in a recent article, seeks a unified fiduciary standard centered in the entrustment of property by one person to another.  More precisely, Prof. Ribstein’s coherent frame to determine when fiduciary relationships may be said to exist (more on this below), this author does not fully endorse his definition of fiduciary duties as consisting solely of “the strict fiduciary duty of selflessness.”  Prof. Ribstein argues that, “Although partners, majority shareholders and creditors may control the firms in which they invest, this control is not necessarily open-ended enough to warrant fiduciary treatment. Confused and Inconsistent Accounting Standards.  A 2000 statue was supposed to establish the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, whose job is to regulate the accounting industry. Schoenbaum, “Regretfully, this Board has been very slow to act, prevented from getting off the mark by alleged conflicts of interest and litigation begun with the intent to destroy it all together .
Fausti is the Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs for Fiduciary360, and is knowledgeable about the investment world. Fausti notes that “the Obama Administration’s plan called for legislators and regulators to ‘harmonize’ the investment adviser and broker-dealer regulatory regimes.”  The investment community has thrived in the confusion of a post Glass-Steagall era. White from The University of Arizona Law School has followed up his report issued last fall regarding troubled loans.  Prof. White, “The reason that many strategic defaulters struggle so long before deciding to default is that fear and anxiety are not typically enough in isolation to cause them to stop making payments.  Rather such anxiety more frequently serves as a call to action, driving homeowners to try to do something about their situation – such as contacting their lender to try to work out a loan modification or a short sale.
Since his birthday was September 11th, he wasn’t old enough to go into first grade with most of his buddies.
Michael has “wiz-dom” that is remarkably humorous and insightful in today’s unique sales environment.
He has been praised for his financial educational work by The Dallas Morning News and was the business reporter for KEWS, (the CNN Dallas radio affiliate.).
So proud of you being on the other side of where most people are today, especially as you expand your family tree (LOVED the recent baby announcement pictures on FB). It makes me incredibly sad to think of others going through the pain, embarrassment and fear that our family once went through, however, I have so much HOPE that they can take charge of the future with intentional action. I agree, on the constant nagging feeling – it really is amazing however when we put intentional action and faith towards our goals. We are SO CLOSE to being there – even though WE KNOW the time is going to go fast and we have already done so much, it still FEELS so far away. We think subcontracting is a great way to get your start in the real estate virtual assistant industry and start making some money while building your practice.
It is understandable that emergencies can come up, or life changes, which is why communication is VERY important. It is important that you stick to them, and if you are running in to problems, let them know ASAP. If that is the case, communicate this with your lead VA ASAP. It is not right to keep the time clock going for 4 hours over the limit because your computer broke down while doing the task and it took you that long to fix your computer. As a subcontractor, you are being handed tasks without having to spend the dollars and time doing the above so consider your subcontracting rate accordingly.
Then at age 35 after he reads his favorite blog, My Money Design, he realizes his mistake and takes full advantage of his 401k to get that $1,200 employer matching. The more money you can build up as early as possible, the greater potential it has for turning into a substantially sized fortune!
Many lose sight of the fact that time is just as important, if not more so, than the amount of money you’re putting away.
They also match dollar for dollar on the first 4% and then 50 cents on the dollar on the next 2%. Ribstein, Fencing Fiduciary Duties (Illinois Public Law and Legal Theory Research Paper No. White personally communicated with more than 350 individuals regarding their mortgage problems. Suffering from timid shyness and a distinct stutter, Michael Ham burst into tears of terror at age six, when he learned he was selected as a weekly cast member of television’s Romper Room series. After college, Michael Ham trained on Wall Street in 1988 with Smith Barney and built a Million Dollar book of business, while achieving honors, accolades and awards.
And if you do good work as a subcontractor, you will get great testimonials to use to help build your business further. He never invests in that retirement plan again and never receives another dime from his 401k matching either. He was the top new account opener his rookie year and worked the old fashioned way, by “earning” his way up to Executive Director with CIBC Oppenheimer. If you're uncomfortable with that, please enter their information into the address bar to check out their site.

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