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NBA 2K16 is this year’s entry in the long-running basketball franchise that’s become a cultural icon.
Pro-Am now has tons of customization options, including the ability to furnish an entire stadium with just the right colors, theming in extras. Once the order is determined, the picks get simulated much quicker than before, allowing players to jump right into the summer league.
EA SPORTS invested in the scanning process nearly three years ago, and continue to refine this process.
Jersey colors and skin tones on different players are also much more accurate, resulting in better skin textures and sweat effects. The companion app for the game allows players to take their experience with them wherever they are. Early ratings on the app in the iTunes Store are pretty positive, with NBA 2K16 owners noting the refreshed interface and easy to use statistics tracking. VC, as it’s called for short, allows players to outfit their players and teams with all sorts of unlockable extras.
Last week 2K Games began delivering copies of the game to anyone who pre-ordered and wanted to participate in what it called Early Tip-Off Weekend.
Each year millions all get excited to see who’s on the cover of the game and what new features the game will have.

MyGM has new mechanics that forces players to balance the options available to the with the needs that a franchise must fulfil to stay healthy and making money.
Unfortunately, The Michael Jordan Edition that comes with extra fear for MyPlayer and Virtual Currency, isn’t available on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Added is the drama and presentation to the whole draft process and the change allows for more suspense that many fans enjoy while watching the draft unfold. Mad, dejected, thrilled, whatever they might be feeling, all of these emotions are easily distinguishable on players faces. The more we have scanned, the better we have gotten at the process, and that leads to better, more lifelike results.
Since we completely overhauled the facial animation system, utilizing 100% accurate scan data, players behave and react more like their real-life counterparts. Nearly every single asset in game was worked on or tweaked from a visual illumination perspective. This is the culmination of a three-year process to improve the visuals for the NBA LIVE franchise, and we are just getting started. Players can start a what 2K games describes as 2 card matches to unlock “more animations and faster gameplay.” The Auction House allows user to unload MyTeam extras.
The NBA 2K16 cover athletes include Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry and James Harden are this year’s stars.

2K Games hasn’t announced anything about My NBA 2K16 coming to devices running Windows or Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.
Now, there is more natural movement of the skin on top of the cheek, brow, chin and jaw bones. A big part of this includes the color correction made across the board, which gives a more broadcast-quality look and feel to the visuals.
Stay tuned in the coming weeks for something that will really show how much the lighting and graphics have improved. NBA legend Michael Jordan has his own cover to for gamers who pick up NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Edition. The Android version is available in both the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store too.

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