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Young adult - sims wiki - wikia, Young adult is an optional life stage introduced in the sims 2 with the university expansion. The sims freeplay android review [hd] - youtube, The sims free play ea' follow- 2010' sims 3 android. Only one month after its initial release, The Sims FreePlay has just received a massive update. The good news is this system makes completing goals for ‘1000 GOALS!’ Achievement a fair bit easier. The basic quest chain (comprised of random quests) provides a new item as a completion reward: the Mystery Box key.
To visit the Mystery Boxes Store, collect at least one key, select the weekly quest chain, and touch the Mystery Box icon. Story-based quest chains contain a series of non-random quests and tell a little story as part of each goal’s description. After completing the Simoleon Sprout quest chain, you’ll gain access to the Mysterious Island quest series. The Mysterious Island itself is a new map that you can travel to after building The Mysterious Island Bridge.
After completing ‘Coming of Age,’ you’ll be able to advance Preteen Sims to full Teen status! The new quests and content have all been good news, but here’s where we get to negative territory. Even without the allure of Town value bonuses, Ghost hunting has long been a popular method of grinding for Simoleons and Life Points. If you want to continuously hunt for ghosts, you’ll need several haunted items in the same house (a good idea anyway).
Complete the expanded collection of ghosts by November 1st and you’ll unlock the Petrifying Putting Green item!
The TV is rated at 2-stars and gives players the option to watch that annoying Flo lady that I want to slap. Naturally a giant content update like this has to add some new ways for players to spend real money. Add a splash of dolphin-themed awesomeness to your pool area with our all-new Dolphin Pack! The game now displays what type of fish you caught after your Sim gets swallowed by a giant fish.

This update revamped the user interface displayed at the bottom of the screen, including buttons. Thanks to the Sims FreePlay version 1.1 update, Windows Phone now has all of the iOS content except for the social features. The only people who should NOT download this update are players who haven’t reached 30,000,000 Town Value yet.
You'll need a jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPod Touch in order to take advantage of this hack (and, of course, the Sims Ambition app as well!). So big that we published a two installment Achievement guide and an In-App Purchase guide on top of our usual review. Windows Phone players now have access to the Mysterious Island area, teenage Sims, a whole new quest system, tons of new items, and much more. Planting one instantly launches a slot-machine minigame in which all of the payouts are in Simoleons.
Windows Phone players will first meet him at the beginning of the ‘Coming of Age’ quest series. The ‘Higher Education’ series then allows you to build the High School for teens to attend. And if you want multiple Sims hunting for ghosts, you’ll have to buy a boatload of extra haunted goods in order to ensure they always have a haunted object to investigate.
Before, the fastest way to level up a job was to use its related hobby item for one hour at a time. Both the TV and car are free, so we can’t complain too much about the commercialization aspect. These changes are mostly for the better, but the Sims' needs meters are more scrunched up and harder to read than before.
Sadly, the Party Boat, the ability to visit friends’ towns, and items that cost Social Points are still nowhere to be found. If that includes you, I suggest you max out your woodworking skill, purchase work benches for all your Sims, and put them to work until you get the Achievement.
If you have both, you can download this crack from Cydia to give you free money by reselling items at 32 times their worth!
But even then, our version lacked some content from the iOS version, including all social features. If the quest required you to complete it at a certain time or you didn’t have the necessary building, it could take days or weeks before you could make any progress.

You’ll still get them every now and then, but for the most part goals just pay out in Simoleons and XP now. Their contents are random, but at least you can judge the reward rarity by the cost of the Box.
Each monument provides a chance to earn Simoleon or Life Point bonuses from completing tasks. Once you’ve unlocked Osiris, you can go to him or call him just like other Sims - from the SimTracker. Completing a set of ghosts via ghost hunting or crafting all of the woodworking designs more than once would net players 500,000 Town Value each time.
There are six new ghosts to find, which also bumps up the reward for subsequent ghost collection completions to 5 Life Points instead of 3.
The update has changed the hobby item time to three hours, reducing the items’ effectiveness.
The Achievement for driving ‘100 miles’ just got easier, though you do still have to build the Car Dealership in order to pick up your free car. The iOS and Android games received a new update on October 11, pushing even farther ahead of our version.
This doesn’t stop players from earning Life Points via other methods, but it does slow the earning a bit. After you’ve upgraded the first monument, you can choose to substitute Life Points for resources at a cost of 3 Life Points per missing unit of resource. Jobs are not as critical as hobbies in this game, but this change does make the ‘Mad Scientist’ Achievement take longer. After the Achievement unlocks, Town Value doesn’t matter anymore and you can enjoy the update without worry. However, quest chains are time sensitive, so you won’t get the full reward unless you finish before the time runs out. Unlike other buildings on the main town map, building the SimTown Sign requires unique resources instead of Simoleons. In fact, it would take the rest of your life, much of your firstborn child’s life, and an extra month for good measure to actually reach 30,000,000 Town value now.

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