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Definitive Simpsons: Tapped Out guide: How to get more donuts, more cash, and more XP faster!
Simpsons: Tapped Out can take over your life and replace it with a Homer Simpson and donut filled cartoon replica faster than you can say "D'oh!" But if you're going to spend all your waking - and some sleeping - hours helping rebuild Springfield, we're want to help you do it as fast, as easily, and as cheaply as possible. When choosing tasks for your characters to perform, it's good to be mindful of how long they take and what the reward is. If you're actively playing the game and building things out, it's good to assign your characters to perform shorter tasks.
If you're tired of seeing all the XP and dollar signs floating around the screen but don't want to tap on each individual one, there's an easier way to collect all of it. When it comes to adding on to Springfield, it's good to choose what you'd like to build carefully. Commercial spaces such as the Kwik-E-Mart and others have the ability to earn you higher income but it comes at the cost of time. Residential properties will earn you income tax on a pretty regular basis but it isn't a ton of cash. Items such as trees will earn you XP, which you'll need in order to level up and unlock other items. By tapping on the star rating in your left bottom detail view you'll be shown the Conform-O-Meter.

Tapped Out gives you the option to buy donuts and cash via in-app purchase in order to accelerate how fast you can beat and unlock new objectives and items. The reason I recommend buying donuts over cash is that donuts allow you to finish objectives faster by rushing them. If you play Tapped Out regularly, what tips and tricks have you found that either help you accumulate more items or clear objectives faster? Boom Beach: Top 10 tips and tricks to defeating the Blackguards without spending tons of real cash! Cut the Rope 2: Top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats to help Om Nom beat levels and find his candy faster! So, I've collected some of the very best tips, hints, and flat out cheats I could find, and loaded them up here. The monetary amount may not be as much but you'll get to interact with your character a lot more. You can supplement this by checking on the houses and making sure there aren't any other tasks you can perform. It's good to choose these tasks before you're about to put the game down in order to let your characters achieve these while you're away. Those little tasks can sometimes add up to decent amounts of cash or donuts rather fast too.

After about five to ten seconds you'll see all your XP and money whisk into your account without the need for you to tap on any more of it.
Certain characters, buildings, and other items can only be unlocked when you reach a certain level. The higher the star rating you have in each category, the faster you'll rake in bonuses on top of the XP and money that is paid out for each task. In essence, you're really accumulating both faster in turn giving you more money to buy items faster and increase your XP by rushing tasks. There's already a Tapped Out tips and tricks thread going so if you know anything you think other iMore readers and forum browsers would find useful, be sure to add it in!
I typically trigger tasks when I can and definitely always have tasks running while I'm away from the game. For example, planting more trees will cause the tree hugger portion of your conformity score to climb, therefore increasing the bonuses you can collect for performing tasks in that category.

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