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As the lieutenant of an elite commando unit you were prepared to deal with the most extreme cases of advanced combat behind the enemy frontlines.
Your only chance for survival is to use all of the available shooting arsenal to keep the zombies at bay.
On your way you’ll encounter hordes of enemies ranging from fun sized zombies to huge demonic overlords raining death and despair on you. Those who pre-order Dying Light will receive a bonus mode called “Be the Zombie” which allows them to plays as Night Hunters in PvP. As an extremely rare zombie mutation, the Night Hunter is described as agile, fast and dangerous who is protecting the Hives by killing humans. Dying Light is set in an open world with a day-night cycle and is in development at Techland. Please do not be too scared by these lifelike and terribly frightening stick creations!Although women have fainted and grown men run for their lives at the sight of one - they are mostly quite harmless.We all know Zombies cannot move very fast anyway so they are easy to outrun.

Until I can think of anything else scary that begins with "A" Adolf Hitler will have to do.He was a scary real life figure way back before and during the Second World War. Many people are susceptible to the idea of ghosts - a person who is yet to pass between the worlds of the living to the dead. The Slenderman is a genuinely scary internet creation.For some reason the image is totally frightening. Pretty much all the pictures on this site are ​for sale on mugs, tees and other gifts. Trained in shooting from modern automatic and sniper weaponry, you are the best shooter among your brothers in arms. The invasion from other dimension can be stopped only by smashing every zombie until you’re the only one left walking. But nothing could have prepared you for the unimaginable terror that came through a rift in space time continuum generated by a secret weapon hidden in a secluded military base.

Every action, every bullet, all of your fury and rage channeled into your best shooter can change the outcome of this conflict.
For the tightest situations with the dead you can grab a sentry turret for duty, with fully automated target system, loaded with lead and upgradable with unique traits to give you an even bigger edge over the dead zombies. Encounters with the dead big guys can be extremely painful for you, so don’t hesitate to target them and rise the fire from your deadliest guns. Target the zombies, keep shooting and never let go of the trigger, because the ammo is free and unlimited.

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