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Pattern Guidebook Details: This is a beautifully illustrated pattern guidebook that you digitally download as a pdf file so you can start sewing your new Best Friends Club doll shorts immediately. The Pattern – This is an intermediate level pattern and can be made with a variety of fabrics.
Your daughter wants new doll clothes, why not use that excitement to teach her a valuable skill – sewing.
A Note About File Sharing: Just like you buy a song from itunes for your personal use, you are buying 1 copy of this guidebook for your personal use. Liberty Jane BlogZambia Design Academy Post #2Zambia Design Academy Post #112 Fun Filled Days – Thank You!
Check out this preview trailer which features a woman who got a really bad moon tattoo from a tattoo artist with a heroin addiction that only does great work when she’s high.
Megan originates from south eastern Pa, and has worked at a handful of tattoo shops throughout the area, including Deep Six Laboratory in Philadelphia, Pa, before deciding to settle in NYC.
Outside of tattooing, Megan has been working as an alternative model since 2007, and has been featured in a many national and international publications, including 15+ magazine covers. Outside of work, Megan enjoys painting, music, fashion design, and spending time with her family.
I am now officially bumping up Megan into my Top 2 Hottest Heavily Tattooed Female Reality Stars, right behind Danielle Colby Cushman of American Pickers. People from across America show off their terrible tattoos, share the embarrassing stories behind them and then return to the chair for a Tattoo Transformation.
Tattoo victims from across America show off their terrible tattoos, share the embarrassing stories behind them and then return to the chair for a Tattoo Transformation.
LHHH Ray J & Princess Love wedding photosThe Ray J & Princess Love wedding photos are here!
Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards shoots feral cats on his property, the internet is not happyIt probably won’t surprise most Teen Mom OG fans that Maci Bookout’s ex Ryan Edwards likes to hunt now and then, but it might surprise you to know that the game he hunts is often cats!
Ink n Iron 2009 from Sideshow Freaks on Vimeo.Some gooooood tattoo gatherings are coming our way this summer, taunting me as I watch my book deadline approach and savings account diminish. You may have noticed that Needles and Sins has a new, fancy logo created by the very fancy Viktor Koen. Tattoo by Steve Boltz of Smith Street Tattoo.As Americans head into our Memorial Day weekend, prepping to gorge on BBQ and cultivate sunburns, I figured I'd do a holier-than-thou, finger wagging post to remind us that it's a time to honor and reflect on those who died in service to our country. Good readers, let me take this time to suggest you toss out that old tape recorder from the 80s you may have used to interview various tattoo artists in the past, especially if you've recently discovered that during your latest interview it failed to record anything at all and, instead, still has the four gloriously terrible songs from your short-lived lark of a synth-heavy goofball hardcore band AXXX WOUND.Good thing I was able to hang out with French tattooer Noon for a few weeks before getting him to sit down for an interview. Don't get the 1999 Inked Magazine confused with the glitzy, glossy 2009 Inked -- they are two completely different beasts.
Before this review goes any farther I would like to give special thanks to Sandra at Paisano Publications for sending me their last two copies of this groundbreaking magazine. In 1999, I had been collecting tattoo magazines for about 6 years and had just received my first tattoo from Pedro Baluga (who happened to be a guest editor for the premier issue). Inked gave me what I was looking for: reviews of black bands, articles on African body modification rituals, articles on black tattooists. Easy Riders Publications should be commended for even putting this magazine out at the time.
While I'd like to say that Danger Mouse is simply expanding upon the brilliant free-marketing model of my latest album, the man formerly known as "Brian Burton" built an empire of future Grammy nominations and sold-out tours thanks to ramming the Jigga Man up the ass of publishing companies worldwide with the free release of The Grey Album way back in 2004. But sure enough, the online world is abuzz (a-boing?) in regards to DM's upcoming release, "Dark Night Of The Soul" (and, Christ, I heard people talking about it in the elevator of a Park Avenue office building today). This weekend, I was asked about one of my fave Japanese tattooing tomes, aptly called Tattoo in Japan by Edition Reuss. Special thanks to Scott for many of the links.  Ok, see y'all at the NYC Tattoo Convention tomorrow!
Photos by Jolie Ruben & Roxana Marroquin for Time Out NY With the NYC Tattoo Convention kicking off it's 12th year today at 4pm, Time Out NY has gotten behind the show, giving out free tickets and publishing a 3-part article in tribute to tattooed New Yorkers.
In putting together my tattoo book on blackwork, I've not only been privy to new, stunning work from the world's top tattooists, but also top photography of the art.

You do not have our permission to share it, resell it, or give it to someone else in any form. This flame-haired vixen is no stranger to reality television after starring in the reality series N.Y.
Megan has been tattooing since 2004, and her artwork can be described as creepy yet cute, combining dark imagery with bold vibrant color to create a unique, whimsical style that is all her own.
She also works as a DJ and has recently created a new DJ project called “Letz Massacre” with her boyfriend Joe Letz from the band Combichrist. She also harbors a serious xbox360 addiction, drinks way too much coffee, and likes to day dream about her haunted dream house, surrounded by trees filled with jack-o-lanters and its own private grave yard. Since then, the years have been spent tattooing, wearing out my shoes, and basting barbecue. My preferred tattoo style is new school, and my love of cover ups is only rivaled by the gods. Cue in Tattoos for the Elderly.I slipped in the temporary tattoos as part of his grab bag of gifts (which also includes Aqua Team Hunger Force, Get A Life and Cabin Boy dvds -- because he's a fancy lad -- and another Tom Robbins book).
The next one that I'll be heading to is Hell City Phoenix, September 4-6, so I need help in covering these other events. I'm on the fence but feeling the pressure after reading show reviews on Deadbolt and Daemon's TV -- the latter actually having seen an episode. Mine was memorable as it involved my dad and a freak landscaping accident -- one almost as bad as The Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace. I remember how it used to be a scary thing to get a tattoo and how it hurt and that it couldn't be removed, but now you can avoid all that and some of that punch is watered down a bit since you have a way out.
Professor Koen is a fine artist and illustrator whose work has graced the covers of The Village Voice, NY Times, Fortune, Business Week and countless other media, cds, and books.
So instead of a nice and neat little Q and A, you get a nice and neat little quasi-article from some feverishly taken notes before Noon booked for more international travels. It had a short run of two issues, when Easy Riders Publications (later known as Paisano Publications) decided to stop the magazine for reasons unknown. Today's Inked is a progressive publication that pays homage to all of tattoo culture, unlike others in the industry. It also published Tattoo, Tattoo Flash, Easy Rider, Biker, Savage, V-Twin and In the Wind, and considering most of these titles were geared largely towards biker readership, creating a mag about tattooed black skin was a progressive and gutsy move. I mentioned it in last week's review but more info -- like this interview with him -- and new photos of Geoff like the one right above by Getty are regularly surfacing.
Part 1 showcases six locals and their New York-themed tattoos, like Joshua Newberg above and his backpiece by Ray Jerez of Inborn Tattoo. We are now offering our Liberty Jane Cut Offs Pattern, modified by Cathy of MI Gurlz Clothing, for your BFC, Ink.
Selling this pdf file, or it’s contents, or giving it to someone else, is wrong and violates our copyright.
After working with dozens of people up and down the coast, I have taken root in Philadelphia, this time for good. While the cameras were rolling for the show, the footage won’t air for months–so read on for tons of photos & reports from the big day!
One can definitely see him rocking the "Out of Control" adult diaper design or "Born to Ride" mobility scooter ink.
Send me your pix and stories -- especially if you're attending this weekend's Hell City Killumbus, Ohio show (posted earlier this month). Blabbermouth says that Drummer Jurgen "Ventor" Reil of Kreator has opened a tattoo shop in Essen, Germany called Carnap Ink Corporation, and true to their roots, they're doing tattoos you would find on metal heads in the early eighties. In a way that makes me sad, however I do realize that it's good for the business in the long run. Play around his site of dark and lusty visual toys, and you'll see why I'm a long time fan and honored that he donated his skills to our humble site. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to our military than ogling them during NYC's Fleet Week, going on until the 26th.

And while it seems Noon is constantly on the move, he's made a semi-permanent home at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, usually returning twice a year.Recently featured in the May issue of Total Tattoo, Noon has created a style instantly recognizable and completely his own.
The majority of magazines were a disappointment to me -- there was rarely a black person in any of them, and I just wanted to see an example of what was possible on my own complexion. In a bout between magazine bloggers on tattoo topics, Missbehave slugs it out with their war on gun and brass knuckle tattoos. The Guidebook provides the pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions for creating your new shorts. Take that as you wish.The always cool Mark Mahoney of Shamrock Social Club is featured in a sweet and extensive profile in Lowrider Arte.
I'd be equally humbled if you'd post these pretty banners on your own sites and spread our sinful gospel.
My fave is the Tug of War and Stem-to_Stern relay race tomorrow at 11:30 -- events that truly highlight those bicep and calf tattoos.
It's something I'd rather let him describe, though he plainly says, "It's difficult to explain.
How did they get all that color into that black chick's skin, was the first thing on my mind.
I also just wanted a tattoo magazine to discuss something I could relate to: being a black kid from the inner city.
Blogger Baby Sinead, personally affected by violence, asks women why they would want to glorify it.
They were quite lovely, offering prizes to all of y'all, but I asked to see an episode in advance before I could promote it and they sent me a trailer of a few seconds. Catch Brian, and I at the show Saturday and Sunday giving away free Needles and Sins stickers.
I heard a few people outside the show saying that they didn't want to pay the $18 cover.* Toilet Ink.
Granted, I have more weaponry bling than anyone I know (thanks mostly to Father Panik Industries), but I see it as a nod to my  Brooklyn public high school education in the 80s, pre-metal detector days.
The artist line-up remains one of the best, and includes exciting new artists from Taiwan and China. Any time I've put something up that I haven't tried and tested, y'all have called me on it.
Can't make it tonight, though, because we'll be at the opening night for Rooftop Films, and while this eve is sold out, check the rest of the schedule for some of the best indie shorts and full length features screened outdoors this summer. The North by NorthEast Musix Fest is also taking place that weekend just five minutes away and is free to NIX VIP passholders. I guess I'm saying I'm old.What is badass is the latest issue of Swedish mag Tare Lugnt inked on skin, not paper. The National Ledger even quotes Dupri twittering while getting his ribs tattooed, and that's way more hard than any of his own raps.I know.
Entitled Flesh To Canvas, the show opens June 13th at 7pm and includes work from the following artists: Shawn Barber, Nick Baxter, Aaron Bell, Paul Booth, Boris, Kim Saigh, Joe Capobianco, Marcus Pacheco, Leslie Reesen, Jon Clue, Damon Conklin, Jeff Gogue, Phil Holt, Nikko Hurtado, Little Dragon, and more. Reading too many of these you-kids-get-off-my-lawn anti-ink rants.But thankfully, a thoughtful article emerged from the mass of eewww-the-Denver-Nuggets-have-too-many-tattoos stories. Check Benjamin Hochman's piece for the AP on the Birdman's tattooist, John Slaughter of Denver's Tribe Tattoo. Slaughter offers this quote on the team's tattoos, among other nuggets tidbits:"Tattoos, for thousands of years, have been associated with tribes of people. In the end, the best advice for revolting ed parents is to tell your kids about Totally Stylin Tattoo Barbie, and they'll realize tattoos are too mainstream to be cool and won't do it.
That worked for me during that whole trendy Crackerjack Box tattoo era.You don't need Barbie to tell you tattoos are mainstream.

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